raise from the dead

raise someone from the dead

Fig. to bring a dead person back to life. (When used figuratively, usually refers to something very bad or offensive.) How great are your magic powers? Can you raise people from the dead? They say her singing could raise people from the dead.
See also: dead, raise
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As described in the Gospels of Luke and John, Martha lived in the village of Bethany near Jerusalem with her siblings Mary and Lazarus, whom Christ would later raise from the dead.
WHO did Jesus raise from the dead in the New Testament?
THE production team behind Prehistoric Park faced an incredible challenge - they needed to raise from the dead a herd of mammoths, a pack of T Rex, some giant insects and a pride of sabre tooth cats, not to mention a 50ft-long crocodile.
For instance, the scene in which Joshua magically heals an HIV-positive hustler seems to reflect all the times we've heard protease inhibitor-transformed AIDS patients' being likened to Lazarus, whom Jesus was said to raise from the dead.
In Second Macabees, we see the beginning of Jewish belief that God will raise from the dead those who died obeying God,s will.