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2006), we found that Flecha tall fescue displayed enough summer dormancy to survive the rainless summer.
In the rainless conditions of 2008, there was a reduction of green leaves yield, as compared to 2007.
We are expecting the weather to be somewhat cloudy but hopeful of a rainless day," Chandigarh's Meteorological Department Director, Surinder Paul said.
Surveys were only conducted under rainless and calm weather conditions to reduce the weatherinduced bias in calling activity of the males.
The draw has been eased to 16-1 with a rainless forecastfortodayandtomorrow .
First a Flood penalty narrowed e lead, then Steve Mafi ran through he defence and a rainless piece of ackchat from Joe Marler saw another enalty moved 10 etres forward.
Dutch-based PlantLab recently announced it has figured out how to triple plant yield in a sunless, rainless environment housed in their underground research facilities.
Moreover the term 'average rainfall' is often meaningless as a short 'wet' year may well be followed by half-a-dozen almost rainless years.
Baby Blue, with her new oil and a full tank of gas, wide open to the black rainless sky and the husk of moon, carried him south, toward Valetta, his best friend--only friend?
Here in North Central Texas--about 30 miles north of Dallas--we're in the grips of our second longest string of rainless, 100-plus degree days in a summer (1980 holds the current record, as of early August).
Rainless week followed rainless week, cloudless day followed cloudless day.
In the east of London in Mile End that year there were 73 consecutive days without rain, the longest rainless spell on record.
Under rainless clouds covering Syria's strategic Hauran plateau, grave digger Khalil al-Meqdad toils for 12 hours a day to feed his eight children.
The efficiency of dust-reducing materials worsens when it rains as they are washed away, except bitumen emulsions, therefore, it is important to be aware of the effect of the duration of rainless days on gravel road dustiness.
Best to do it in the cool rainless springtime on the Colorado Plateau.