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The second is a clustering of the grid map of the WYC trend, precipitation trend, rainstorm days trend, rainless days trend, and NDVI trend during 1961-2011.
Also interesting multipath effect assert in rainless time when no another radio wave propagation limiting factors.
Sparsely populated and virtually rainless, the desert plateau is made up of salt basins (salars) and lava flows melded into a desolate, lunar landscape scorched by day, chilled by night and blasted by strong winds.
Up to 80,000 rock fans enjoyed a sunny and rainless day at Slane, the 21st concert at the Co Meath venue; MUNCH BUNCH: Michelle and Gillie Kerrie of Kells enjoy a bite to eat yesterday; FLAG BARER: Caosmhe Brennan, Co Meath; MR TAMBOURINE MAN: Simon Fowler from Ocean Colour Scene yesterday; KID ROCK: One young fan enjoys the show; SALUTE: The Charlatans' singer Tim Burgess
The sky here is so thickly spread with light (the air is thin and rainless), single stars and constellations that I once could find
Not only was it a source of water for rainless Egypt--not only did its annual flood periodically fertilize the soil--but its current was gentle and there were no storms.
On Jule 28, the weather will be mainly variable cloudy, mainly rainless at the Azerbaijan's capital Baku and the Absheron Peninsula, APA reports citing National Department for Hydrometeorology of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.
As the rainless El Nino phenomenon pivots to a rainy La Nina later this year, it is ironic that PAGASA has only P4.2 million for warning systems in 18 major river basins, Recto said.
November 2 too was rainless and very pleasant again after a misty start but the next day was very cloudy and rain began around 3.45pm.
CITY OF MALOLOS- A river in Norzagaray town swelled on rainless Tuesday and its strong current swept away and drowned four teenagers, police said.
Summary: An erratic winter season has left farmers and fishermen in southern Lebanon high and dry, with agricultural workers struggling to maintain their crops amid an almost rainless January.
After a rainless ODI series, there was a steady shower on the eve of this game.
Spells of rainless monsoon seasons for the last five years have brought in a sharp drop in the production level of tea in the whole of the tea-producing region of West Bengal.