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It's raining in Hermione's absence God willing, it's raining because absence is universal and if the earth isn't quaking it's because Arcetri didn't command it.
It's raining on the new epistemes of the biped primate, on deified man, on the humanized heavens, on the snouts of theologians in overalls
We believe the intended alliance between Raining Data and SeeBeyond offers companies the most complete RFID platform today," said Ajay Ramachandran, vice president of Enterprise Applications Group for Raining Data.
SeeBeyond and Raining Data will be demonstrating a live EPC-IS application at RFID Journal LIVE
I am very pleased to announce today's senior management promotions," said Rich Lauer, president of Raining Data.
Tim will also ensure that Raining Data's software continues to provide our customers with the features and tools they need to succeed in the marketplace.
Establishing the Raining Data brand online is a first priority," said Mario Barrenechea, Raining Data's vice president of Marketing.
Web Associates was chosen to design the user interface of the Raining Data Web site after working with PICK Systems on their recent Web strategies.
We just realized it wasn't raining so we decided to stop and feed the ducks,'' Khorsandi said.
Bryce Burns, who has served as Chairman of the Board since September 2000, brings 13 years of enterprise software experience to his new leadership role at Raining Data.
PLEASE NOTE: In this news release, statements that are not historical facts, including but not limited to statements (a) that include the words "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "estimates" or words of similar importance or meaning; (b) that describe any of the Raining Data's (the "Company") or management's plans, objectives or goals for future operations and products, or (c) that concern the characteristics and growth of the Company's markets or customers or products or the expected liquidity and capital resources of the Company, are forward-looking statements that are inherently subject to numerous risks and uncertainties.
The combined company, which changed its name to Raining Data Corporation, is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.
Together as Raining Data, the company now offers a comprehensive suite of cost effective software infrastructure solutions that developers can leverage to create highly scalable, enterprise-level Web-enabled applications.
Now, you may wonder why a man waits until it's already started raining outside to climb a slippery ladder and clean out his rain gutters on Sunday.
As a condition to the merger, the company has changed its name from Omnis Technology Corporation to Raining Data Corporation and will begin trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker RDTA.