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Partnering with a leading XML Data Management, XQuery and Web Services technology provider, such as Raining Data, enables our customers to leverage our ICAN suite and integrate real-time EPC/RFID data to drive new business application development.
We believe the intended alliance between Raining Data and SeeBeyond offers companies the most complete RFID platform today," said Ajay Ramachandran, vice president of Enterprise Applications Group for Raining Data.
Nurseries have had a very old and tired collection of plants these days because not many people are planting right now; they all think it's going to keep raining,'' Harrington said.
Bill Scott is being promoted to Raining Data's vice president of Marketing & Business Development.
I am very pleased to announce today's senior management promotions," said Rich Lauer, president of Raining Data.
By aggressively strengthening cost controls and reducing corporate debt, our new management team is working to enhance the combined company's financial performance," said Bryce Burns, chairman and interim CEO of Raining Data.
Web Associates developed the Raining Data Web site based upon the immediate need to convey the value of the recent merger to existing customers and potential partners.
Establishing the Raining Data brand online is a first priority," said Mario Barrenechea, Raining Data's vice president of Marketing.
In just a few months at Raining Data, he has developed the full respect and confidence of our customers, employees and shareholders.
Bryce Burns, who has served as Chairman of the Board since September 2000, brings 13 years of enterprise software experience to his new leadership role at Raining Data.
It seems like it's been raining forever,'' said Zaldy Deluna, 30, a postal carrier working his nine-mile, 300-house route in Woodland Hills.
The combined company, which changed its name to Raining Data Corporation, is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.
3) Paul Young, 10, of Fremont Elementary School in Glendale, enjoys staying inside and listening to music when it's raining.
Raining Data Corporation, formerly known as Omnis Technology Corporation (Nasdaq:OMNS), today announced the completion of its merger with PickAx, Inc.
But cleaning out the rain gutters while it's raining is another matter.