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As for my lodging, I kept to the tent; except that sometimes, in the wet season of the year, it rained so hard that I could not keep myself dry, which caused me afterwards to cover all my place within my pale with long poles, in the form of rafters, leaning against the rock, and load them with flags and large leaves of trees, like a thatch.
2 : to send down rain <The clouds rained for days.
PASADENA - Armed with umbrellas, tarps and plenty of hope that weather forecasters are wrong, hundreds of die-hard fans camped out along the Rose Parade route overnight in preparation for what could be the first parade rained on in 51 years.
Since the sources of the sulfuric acid in the rain are coal-burning power plants in the Great Lakes region, by the time the rain gets to New England, much of the sulfuric acid has already been rained out.
Allenby said Friday's weather was ``very similar'' to that year at Riviera, when it rained throughout the final round.
2 -- color) An outdoor ad showing an oversize tomato gets rained on Wednesday along with the passing pedestrians at Valencia Town Center.
The last time I washed my car, it rained the next day - I was so mad,'' said Ida Pryor, a widow who took her Chrysler to the Water Wheel Car Wash in Canyon Country on Friday, unaware that the forecast called for a 40 percent chance of rain the following day.