rain down

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rain down

1. To fall to the ground from the sky like rain. Bombs continue to rain down on the city the allied nations' assault continues on the dictatorship continues for its second straight week. Confetti and streamers rained down on the crowd of onlookers.
2. To lob, throw, or hurl something down on someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rain" and "down." I tried to cover my head and face as the attacker rained down kicks and punches on me. Troops have been raining down bullets on the enemy encampment for over an hour.
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rain down on (someone or something)

1. To pour or fall down on someone or something in a shower from above. Dirt and debris rained down on us following the explosion. Bombs continue to rain down on the city from the enemy bombardment.
2. To cause some liquid, loose substance, or multitudinous small objects to fall down in a shower on someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "down." The castle defenders rained boiling oil down on the attackers below the ramparts. The dark clouds began raining down hail on us halfway through the hike.
3. To lob, throw, or hurl multitudinous small objects upon someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "down." The other kids started raining down snowballs on us from the other side of the yard. Someone up there is raining rocks down on our car.
4. To give or bestow something on someone in abundance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "down." The boss has been raining praise down on Janet all week for the work she did. People across the country are raining down condemnations on the prime minster for his handling of the crisis.
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rain something down (on someone or something)

to pour something, such as criticism or praise, onto someone or something. (Based on rain down on someone or something.) The employees rained criticism down on the personnel manager for the new policy on sick leave. The audience rained down compliments on the performers.
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rain down

1. To fall as rain: It rained down hard all day, so we had to cancel the picnic.
2. To fall in large quantities: The rice container tipped over on the top shelf and rice rained down on me.
3. To throw or hurl something down upon someone: The boxer rained blows down on his opponent's head for several seconds. The soldiers rained down arrows from the top of the castle.
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Futuristic and hopeful, Ashes Rain Down would be a welcome addition to the dystopian lover's reading list this season.
Mayor Shelbourne (Campbell) and the other residents put in orders for food they want to rain down from the sky and Flint's contraption gradually overheats, stranding the plucky inventor, Sam, town cop Earl Devereaux (Mr T) and his young son Cal (Morgan) in the path of a giant spaghetti twister.
27[degrees]F), the clouds of hydrocarbons could condense and rain down, forming lakes of oil.
and NATO doctrine since the dawn of the Cold War: If the Soviet Union had sent ground troops into West Germany, NATO commanders would have been authorized to rain down the nukes.
That all changed after halftime, after Ronaldinho -- the biggest of Barca's collection of superstars -- came on, entering to wild applause that continued to rain down every time he touched the ball.
Sulfates that form in the atmosphere after volcanic eruptions and rain down on wetlands may decrease those areas' emissions of methane for several years, thereby cooling the global climate.
The single Rain Down On Me, lifted from their What If album, has an anthemic appeal which would be quite at home in stadiums should Kane ever become the great musos they aim to be.
OUT OF CONTROL: Stewards clear the debris after the match is stopped by the referee; DISGRACE: Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink tries to take a corner as (inset) missiles rain down on the hapless Chelsea striker
Plutonium dust "will rain down on people's hair, people's clothing, get into people's bodies.
Graney's work, presented as part of the Colorado Dance Festival, is heavy with theatrics and stunning special effects: Bridal gowns are flown in from both wings, then lowered onto the upstretched arms of the dancers, and l 50 pounds of rice rain down from the ceiling upon them.
Workers tote tools past him, forklifts haul I-beams over unfinished ground and a shower of sparks rain down from a welding torch.
Scientists would make atoms of a solid substance evaporate and then rain down on a surface of silicon or copper.
Busted 3AM/Thunderbirds Are Go, Anastacia Sick & Tired, Charlatans Try Again Today, Graham Coxon Spectacular, Moby & Public Enemy MKLVFKWR, Mania Looking For A Place, Deeyah Saw You, Polyphonic Spree Hold Me Now, Kane Rain Down On Me, Goldie Lookin Chain Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do, Beenie Man King Of The Dancehall, Earth Californian Love Dream Porn Star, Wilco I'm A Wheel Albums.