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railroad someone into something

to force someone into doing something in great haste. The salesman tried to railroad me into signing the contract. You can't railroad me into doing anything!
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railroad something through (something)

to force something through some legislative body without due consideration. The committee railroaded the new constitution through the ratification process. Mary felt she could railroad the legislation through.
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underground railroad

A secret network for moving and housing fugitives, as in There's definitely an underground railroad helping women escape abusive husbands. This term, dating from the first half of the 1800s, alludes to the network that secretly transported runaway slaves through the northern states to Canada. It was revived more than a century later for similar escape routes.

railroad tracks

1. n. dental braces. I can’t smile because of these railroad tracks.
2. n. rows of needle scars on the veins of the arms. Look at those railroad tracks on his arm. That means he shoots drugs.
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52) The women s auxiliaries dedicated themselves to protecting women against these realities of railroading life.
Given the sources available, principally union journals and other official publications, we have heard disproportionately from brotherhood and auxiliary leaders on the unions program of temperance rather than from the railroading rank and file.
Throughout the book, she shows railroading as dangerous, well-paid and intricate work.
One hundred and twenty-five years of Americana is being celebrated in both railroading and baseball this year.
The turnaround experienced by SJVR shows what can be done when basic railroading principles, like customer service, safety and performance become the building blocks of resurgence.
First published in 1876, Railway Age covers the North American freight railroading and rail transit industry.
com is a different kind of "training site," focused on the latest -- and one of the oldest -- American obsessions: trains & railroading.
The Great Train Store is a national chain of unique, upscale specialty stores with "more trains than you ever imagined," selling a wide range of merchandise all relating to trains and railroading.