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railroad (one) into (something)

To force one into some action or situation by putting a lot of pressure on one to hurry and acquiesce right away. I feel like the doctors railroaded me into getting this dangerous surgery, even though there's no guarantees that it will work or even help! Don't let them railroad you into signing any contracts until you've had a chance for your lawyer to look over them.
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railroad (something) through

To force the passage or acceptance of something, especially legislation, by an authoritative body such haste and pressure that the normal careful considerations of its implications are avoided. Riding a strong wave of pro-nationalist sentiment, the senator was able to railroad a bill through congress that would criminalize public criticism of the government. After the scandal, the board of directors of the giant corporation railroaded a policy change through that would curtail the rights of employees around the country.
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underground railroad

1. capitalized An organized network of secret workers, routes, and safe houses used to ferry escaped African-American slaves to free states or present-day Canada. A former slave herself, Harriet Tubman was an instrumental figure in the Underground Railroad, saving roughly 70 people from slavery over the course of 13 rescue missions.
2. By extension, any network of people working together secretly to help fugitives escape to places of safety and freedom. The human rights organization has begun operating an underground railroad in the third-world country to help human trafficking victims escape from bondage. A former slave herself, Harriet Tubman was an instrumental figure in the Underground Railroad

railroad tracks

1. slang Orthodontic braces used to correct the alignment of one's teeth. Ugh, I am going to be so ready to get these railroad tracks off my teeth! My jaw always aches for days whenever they tighten my railroad tracks.
2. slang Scarring caused by excessive intravenous drug use. Judging by the railroad tracks on his arm, I'd say our John Doe was an addict.
3. slang The bars of a military insignia worn by and indicating someone with the rank of Captain. Wear those railroad tracks with pride, Captain. You've earned them.
4. slang Lines of powdered narcotics, typically cocaine, prepared to be inhaled through the nose. When I saw them cutting up railroad tracks on the table, I knew it was time to leave the party.
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railroad someone into something

to force someone into doing something in great haste. The salesman tried to railroad me into signing the contract. You can't railroad me into doing anything!
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railroad something through (something)

to force something through some legislative body without due consideration. The committee railroaded the new constitution through the ratification process. Mary felt she could railroad the legislation through.
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underground railroad

A secret network for moving and housing fugitives, as in There's definitely an underground railroad helping women escape abusive husbands. This term, dating from the first half of the 1800s, alludes to the network that secretly transported runaway slaves through the northern states to Canada. It was revived more than a century later for similar escape routes.

railroad tracks

1. n. dental braces. I can’t smile because of these railroad tracks.
2. n. rows of needle scars on the veins of the arms. Look at those railroad tracks on his arm. That means he shoots drugs.
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"During their trips, the fever of excitement was kept up by the influence of strong drink; and many a man had gained the reputation of being a swift runner and making almost impossible time when he was half drunk." (13) Indeed, railroaders toiled in one of the most hazardous industries in nineteenth and early twentieth-century North America: in addition to exposure to the elements, they confronted the constant threat of crippling injury or death through boiler explosions, derailments, and, above all, the primitive hand-braking and "link and pin" coupling systems.
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