rail against (someone or something)

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rail against (someone or something)

To protest, criticize, or complain angrily about someone or something. I spent a lot of my teenage years railing against my parents, but looking back, I gave them way more grief than they deserved. Employees has formed a picket line outside of the company as they rail against proposed cuts to their pay and pension schemes.
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rail against someone or something

to complain vehemently about someone or something. Why are you railing against me? What did I do? Leonard is railing against the tax increase again.
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rail against

To protest something vehemently, especially using strong language: The students railed against the change to a longer school year.
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References in classic literature ?
I must confess that it was at first a painful shock to me to realise that the time had come when it was necessary for us to take any heed of the uneducated rabble who seem born into the world discontented with their station in life, and instead of making honest attempts to improve it waste their time railing against us who are more fortunately placed, and in endeavours to mislead in every possible way the electorate of the country."
On hearing that I had been once more discovered I started so that the railing against which I leaned cracked again.
Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook appeared to take a swipe at Facebook (FB), YouTube (GOOG, GOOGL), and Twitter (TWTR) in a speech after being awarded the first "Courage Against Hate" award by the Anti-Defamation League, railing against white supremacy, Business Insider reports.
Throwing a stone is attempted murder, and it is appropriate that it has a minimum sentence," he said, railing against the assumption of 'It's just a rock.'"
at way I do not have to vent my spleen by railing against the author.
MARTIN BAGOT'S article on MPs 'railing against HS2 campaigner' (July 13) correctly reports that when members of the Transport Select Committee met their European counterparts they were unanimously positive about high speed rail (HSR).
ANGRY passengers are railing against a train company for bombarding them with 31 announcements during one 32-minute journey.
After some 40 minutes of railing against Premier Romano Prodi's centre-left government, Berlusconi suddenly looked weak and aides rushed to his side to prop him up as he gripped the podium, live television footage showed.
Jesus is not railing against these laws; he is saying that the inside of a person is what drives one's actions.
They could have been forgiven for railing against their cruel fate.
While Burns should be commended for taking on serious issues in these queasy times--assailing the vivid hypocrisies of Imperial America and railing against the soullessness of the passive media consumer--the studied artlessness that serves his technical program so well is ultimately unable to articulate the gravity of his newfound content.
Like the other old world winemakers Nossiter interviews, Guibert is a Millet masterpiece come to life, a wrinkled, aggressively authentic farmer railing against capitalism as he sweeps through his vineyard.
Whenever I read some prominent business leader (or newspaper editor or columnist) railing against the demands of poorly paid workers, I want to see their current rate of pay attached.
But rather than railing against the powers-that-be, she subtly illustrates how our common fight against them binds us.
But for the past century, the centrist approach has won more elections for Sunflower State Democrats than has railing against the money power--Sebelius is the rule, not the exception.