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rail against (someone or something)

To protest, criticize, or complain angrily about someone or something. I spent a lot of my teenage years railing against my parents, but looking back, I gave them way more grief than they deserved. Employees has formed a picket line outside of the company as they rail against proposed cuts to their pay and pension schemes.
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rail at (one)

To criticize, upbraid, or berate one severely and bitterly, especially at length. Humiliated by his lowly position and poor treatment at work, Tom began railing at his family every evening when he got home. The boss started railing at Thomas in front of the whole office for messing up the Robertson accounts.
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Forty-six percent of the current PVC fence market is in residential fencing, 36% in ranch (post and rail), 12% in encapsulated-metal railings, 4% in decking, and 2% in lawn and garden.
Wood-flour-filled polyolefins and PVC have already gained acceptance in non-structural profiles for decking and in metal-reinforced railings. They have the advantage of the look and feel of natural wood-grain, which plain PVC fencing can only imitate with streaks of pigment.
"I had some concerns about how the finished railing would actually look," recalls Muraski.