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Most of the students (92%) expressed their view that, to communicate and familiarize with the freshers, ragging is been practiced in institutes.
According to the helpline data, together, the six states, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra accounted for 57 per cent of the total ragging cases in India, 2016.
In terms of the Act, ragging means 'any act which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological injury or mental pain or fear to a student or a member of the staff of an educational institution'.
Any student found to be indulging in ragging would be punished with suspension or expulsion, or cancellation of Degree and penal action, the University circular said.
He organized an anti-ragging campaign which became famous as the 'Aman Movement' and it will continue in future also 'until ragging becomes a thing of the past'.
Online anti ragging affidavits can be downloaded by students from www.
Besides, parents and students have already been asked to submit an affidavit stating that they will steer clear of any act of ragging.
Kachroo, one of the most vocal critics of the anti- ragging helpline set up by the University Grants Commission ( UGC), will now be overseeing its functioning.
In a recent incident of ragging, the boy was reportedly forced to do 500 push-ups by some older boys.
Writer- director Manish Gupta, who scripted the Bollywood movie Sarkar and directed The Stoneman Murders ( 2009), has just completed his latest movie Hostel, which is based on various ragging incidents, including the Aman Kachroo ragging- death case.
The college's anti- ragging committee recommended the harshest punishment for ragging for Rajiv Kumar, a mathematics honours student, who had been suspended for assaulting a first year student of physics on the college campus about two months ago.
In the past few years, ragging has come under fire after a spate of ragging-related suicides over the years.
Principal Rajendra Prasad, on the recommendation of a sub- committee of the anti- ragging panel, has also banned the student's entry in the college.
3 (ANI): The Kirori Mal College on Monday decided to expel two students for their involvement in a ragging episode.
Kachroo said the order could deliver a telling blow to the nationwide momentum he had helped build up against the menace of ragging.