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rag the puck

1. In ice hockey, to attempt to run out the remaining time in a game by maintaining possession of the puck for as long possible. The team is notorious for ragging the puck whenever they take the lead.
2. By extension, to stall, postpone, or otherwise cause a delay by deliberately engaging in time-wasting activities. Primarily heard in Canada. Activist groups are claiming that the government has ragged the puck in relation to legislation that would better protect the environment. Quit ragging the puck, John, and make a decision already!
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be on the ragged edge

To be close to encountering or experiencing something (such as an outcome or emotional state). Primarily heard in US. After taking exams all week, I am on the ragged edge of exhaustion. The board has been on the ragged edge of discord ever since learning about the chairman's scandalous conduct.
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run (oneself or someone) ragged

To exhaust oneself or someone else through hard work or effort. I've been running myself ragged trying to clean and organize the house before your mom comes to visit. If you become Joe's personal assistant, don't be surprised if he runs you ragged—he can be very demanding.
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run someone ragged

Fig. to keep someone or something very busy. This busy season is running us all ragged at the store. What a busy day. I ran myself ragged.
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talk someone ragged

Fig. to talk to someone too much; to bore someone. That was not an interview. She talked me ragged. He always talks me ragged, but I always listen.
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run one ragged

Exhaust one, as in I've run myself ragged with this project. This idiom alludes to working so hard that one's appearance is reduced to rags. [c. 1920]
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run someone ragged

If someone runs you ragged, they make you do so much that you get extremely tired. Most days the kids — four under the age of six — run me ragged. Their defence was run ragged by the opposing team. Note: You can also say that you run yourself ragged, meaning that you get very tired by doing many things. She runs herself ragged trying to get everything done.
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run someone ragged

exhaust someone by making them undertake a lot of physical activity.
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ˌrun somebody ˈragged

(informal) make somebody do a lot of work or make a big effort so that they become tired: You look really exhausted. Have the children been running you ragged?
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talk someone ragged

tv. to talk to someone too much; to bore someone. That was not an interview. She talked me ragged.
See also: ragged, talk
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Director of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry's no natural documentarar-ian, but at least this raggedly amiable documentary shows he can make a film that doesn't rely on twisting reality/time/your brain into inverted knots.
Losing one's shirt' is, I suspect, a less frightening proposition for these raggedly louche gamblers than it might be for their British counterparts.
Rovers can take credit for defending diligently, if occasionally raggedly, in the first half and for looking the side most likely to win the game in the second period.
So, off he went to Paris, with that wee raggedly Diarmid in tow, to ponce about and spend our licence fee.
It took time, but the influence of Graham in particular and eventually, American modern dance in general, spread throughout Western Europe like blood seeping raggedly across blotting paper.
Full of their own adrenaline, excited and tight and all that, the Ducks started raggedly.
This trip was particularly interesting, as the bomber streams were flying raggedly, many with aircraft lights on.
Instead of Morris Marinas that ploughed raggedly into bends, we have nimble Fiestas and poised 106s that dance delicately round corners.
Although Balducci, a Sienese painter, was influenced by Pintoricchio, he perpetuated the use of jewelled colours and gold leaf, such as raggedly bedeck the damaged portable altarpiece nearby, painted in Duccio's workshop at least two hundred years before.
The cloud tore just then, disturbingly, like it had been ripped with two hands wrenching it apart, and the sunlight tumbled out raggedly down its center, then solidified until a ramp of light extended down - he could see it growing toward the terrain of his backyard, and he remembered his field guide to the atmosphere, surely this was illustrated there, in the section that contained the color photographs of the aurora borealis and other normal and exquisite phenomena.
An estimated 4 cm has been lost at the distal tip, one edge of the broad, proximal end is missing, and the remaining proximal edge is raggedly broken where an unknown, but probably small amount of dentine is missing.
A third figure is accompanied by a horrifying face -- the only burst of color in a monochrome image -- one eye ringed in blood, jagged scars, raggedly stitched, crisscrossing the pale skin.
I would wait and try again and the pain would peak again and I would flop back and breathe raggedly.
Alternately raucous and raggedly, intensely beautiful, Dirty Three's electrifying chamber rock is out of step with much of popular music, finding closest kinship with the post-rock fraternity and neo-classical contemporaries Rachel's.