rag on

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rag on (one)

1. To nag, criticize, or berate one, especially at length. I wish you'd quit ragging on me—I told you I was sorry! The boss started ragging on Thomas in front of the whole office for messing up the Robertson accounts.
2. To tease or mock one. My friends are always ragging on me for wearing a backpack that has My Little Pony on it. We rag on each other constantly, but it's all in good fun.
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rag on someone

 and rake on someone
Sl. to bother someone; to irritate someone; to criticize and humiliate someone. I wish you would stop ragging on me. I don't know why you are so annoyed at me. Stop raking on me!
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rag on

v. Slang
1. To tease or taunt someone: My older cousins used to rag on me when I was young.
2. To criticize someone severely; berate or scold someone: The supervisor ragged on the workers for being lazy.
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