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a (whole) raft of (something)

A very large number or collection of people or things. We had a whole raft of problems on opening night, but I think most of the issues have been resolved. While the film has been receiving positive reviews from critics, there's a raft of fans who are upset with the way it turned out.
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a whole raft of

COMMON A whole raft of people or things is a large number of them. This is likely to affect a whole raft of consumer industries. Under Lord Cornwallis, a whole raft of legislation was brought in.
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a (whole) raft of —

a large collection of something.
Raft here is an alteration of a dialect word raff , meaning ‘a great quantity’.
1998 Housing Agenda Since the election of Labour last May, the social inclusion agenda has come to span a whole raft of Government initiatives.
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The floats, barrels and netting are all that remains of five rafts that had to be abandoned due to bad weather during the 32nd Mumbles' Lifeboat Crew Fun Raft Race.
PIRATES, spacemen and cowboys were just some of the characters who sailed down the River Taff in the Llandaff charity raft race in aid of George Thomas Hospice Care.
He said that the triangular raft design, which was simple and cost-effective, had improved manoeuvrability and required no specialised training for assembly, and more importantly, it could be practised at individual farmer level.
COOPED-UP together in a life raft, these friends got very close at sea to raise money for a lifesaving charity.
Everybody went the extra mile and the decorations on the rafts were fantastic.
PARTICIPA P NTS in this year's Wellesbourne and Shakespeare Lions clubs' raft race are looking to raise more than PS10,000 for a good cause.
Survitec Group Australia (RFD Australia) has been manufacturing life rafts for over 60 years.
THE newly-revived International Mersey River Festival is calling on volunteers to help make its raft race the biggest and best ever.
After Verruckt's first drop, rafts encounter a smaller, five-story hill.
And it still remains unknown, whether the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was carrying life rafts.
In this article, we'll focus on the most commonly available two- to six-person life rafts from EAM Worldwide (EAM), Revere Supply Co.
We went ahead and loaded the life rafts early in case Shiloh was closer than briefed.
RSPB Saltholme, the wildlife reserve and discovery park near Stockton, has installed two specially designed rafts on their main lake for the terns.
The better rafts have ladders, but even these are not stable platforms.