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raffle off (something)

To give something away as the prize of a raffle. (A raffle is a lottery in which a number is drawn at random that corresponds to one given to a participant.) As part of the fundraiser, our church is raffling off a brand new jet ski. We raffled off 10 tickets to the latest Broadway musical to help pay for our trip to Rome.
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raffle something off

to give something away by a drawing or raffle. They will raffle a television set off. They are going to raffle off a television set this weekend at the school.
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raffle off

To offer something as a prize in a lottery in which a number of persons buy chances to win: The theater is raffling off tickets to its upcoming plays. The school raffled a new car off to raise money for a new swimming pool.
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The names of these party-list groups will be listed alphabetically below the raffled list.
They explained that De Castro was the acting chair of the Raffle Committee on June 19, when the request for the transfer of the Maute cases outside Mindanao was raffled.
The congressman raffled off a number of prizes at the Christmas party organized for reporters by the opposition bloc on Thursday.
MANILA, Philippines Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno's handling of the request of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II was "irregular" as the case was not raffled to her, Associate Justice Teresita De Castro said.
Gadon, however, in his verified complaint said that the matter was raffled to Sereno, causing her to delay the resolution.
What is the appropriate course of action if a case that should be filed or assigned or raffled to a special commercial court is filed with, or assigned or raffled to, the wrong court?
The case was mistakenly raffled to Branch 276, a regular branch of the Muntinlupa RTC.
The ruling also applies to other commercial cases, such as for rehabilitation, liquidation in insolvency and intellectual property cases, that may have been filed with or raffled to the wrong court.
If a commercial case filed before the proper RTC is wrongly raffled to its regular branch, the proper courses of action are as follows:
1.2 If the RTC has multiple branches designated as Special Commercial Courts, then the case shall be referred to the Executive Judge for re-docketing as a commercial case, and thereafter, raffled off among those special branches; and