raffle off

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raffle off (something)

To give something away as the prize of a raffle. (A raffle is a lottery in which a number is drawn at random that corresponds to one given to a participant.) As part of the fundraiser, our church is raffling off a brand new jet ski. We raffled off 10 tickets to the latest Broadway musical to help pay for our trip to Rome.
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raffle something off

to give something away by a drawing or raffle. They will raffle a television set off. They are going to raffle off a television set this weekend at the school.
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raffle off

To offer something as a prize in a lottery in which a number of persons buy chances to win: The theater is raffling off tickets to its upcoming plays. The school raffled a new car off to raise money for a new swimming pool.
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Under the guidelines, an accused may move to have his or her bail amount set immediately and the executive judge must swiftly raffle off the case to a regular court.
A drawing by the LMAG Associates, the museum's fundraising organization, will raffle off the shawabty and tickets to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see an exhibit of mummies.
the preeminent provider of business-class hotspot management software, will raffle off a new Wi-Fi-enabled, Dell(R) Inspiron(TM) 1150 laptop to one of the first twenty-five hotels to select their new connectivity offering (see today's related release: Emerging Wireless Companies Community WISP and Single Digits offer New England Hotels Complete Managed Wireless Connectivity).
Schoonerville: This Canoga Park restaurant plans to raffle off NFL stuff for the big game with drink and food specials, including $6 for a bucket of five Miller beers and tri-tip sandwiches for $4.
18 at the Beverly Hilton, the automotive manufacturer and Matthew Perry will team up with his celebrity pals and supporters to lend a hand at the Lili Claire Foundation's Sixth Annual Dinner and Auction, as they raffle off a custom outfitted Certified Pre-Owned 2003 Jeep Wrangler "Special California" limited edition.
Brown, 40, of Lancaster, wore a surgical mask and tried to raffle off a can of sludge labeled ``Poop, Poop, Poop, 100 percent Deadly,'' but got no takers.
As part of this evening event, Sony will also raffle off a 23-inch LCD TV to a lucky winner.
That meant organizers could raffle off only 5,000 slots, if they wanted to keep the field to a calculated maximum of 40,000 - the most they feel they can safely start.
During PalmSource 2000, Handspring will raffle off a free submission to the Quality Partners Springboard compatibility program.
He also will host the evening's banquet and awards festivities as well as sign autographs on Reds jerseys and raffle off some of his own memorabilia.
As an incentive for public participation, ARAMARK will raffle off an ApparelOne jacket, and gift certificates to local restaurants.
The founders of the company, Mike Borkowski and John Servatius, will be on hand to greet customers and raffle off great prizes.
The company will raffle off prizes for great sports equipment and other merchandise being donated by retail partners, including skateboard packages, backpacks, and inline skates.