raffle off

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raffle off (something)

To give something away as the prize of a raffle. (A raffle is a lottery in which a number is drawn at random that corresponds to one given to a participant.) As part of the fundraiser, our church is raffling off a brand new jet ski. We raffled off 10 tickets to the latest Broadway musical to help pay for our trip to Rome.
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raffle something off

to give something away by a drawing or raffle. They will raffle a television set off. They are going to raffle off a television set this weekend at the school.
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raffle off

To offer something as a prize in a lottery in which a number of persons buy chances to win: The theater is raffling off tickets to its upcoming plays. The school raffled a new car off to raise money for a new swimming pool.
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Massachusetts youth and community activist nonprofit the Steve Glidden Foundation, named in honor of one of the children lost in a 2001 tour bus accident in Canada, recently announced plans to raffle off a new hybrid electric Honda Civic.
'They were teasing me that I should raffle off something.
The eggs, which were donated by schools including Portland House, Lindley Junior School and Lindley Play Group, will be given to local businesses in the area to raffle off as a Spring fundraiser.
"I can use such items to raffle off for my charity appeals which will help boost their funds still further.
Mr Ranu, aged 33, said: "I have always donated money to charity but this time I decided to raffle off a teddy bear as we sell a lot of them in the shop and they are very popular with the children.
SHORT, thin Sunderland supporters in failing health are directed to the least successful football fund-raising idea since Crystal Palace tried to raffle off Valentine's Day kisses from Iain Dowie.
(b) if the said RTC has multiple branches designated as Special Commercial Courts, raffle off the case among those special branches.
Generous Huddersfield employers are being asked to dig deep too, and raffle off a day's annual leave on the February 29 amongst their staff, who will donate pounds 5 to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign for a chance to win the day off work.
Staff at LFE Handling in Curriers Close, Canley, raised the cash after managing director David Machin decided to raffle off a signed Coventry City shirt the company had been given in a sponsorship deal with the club.
Under the guidelines, an accused may move to have his or her bail amount set immediately and the executive judge must swiftly raffle off the case to a regular court.
Or, people can raffle off a Marie Curie 'Tinsel Ted' bear to raise funds.
Employees at Peugeot's Torrington Avenue parts division, in Tile Hill, raised pounds 900 for Baby Lifeline after two employees decided to raffle off bottles of wine left over from Christmas.