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land so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss

 and land too poor to raise a racket on
Rur. land where nothing will grow. I inherited two hundred acres from my uncle, but it's land so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss. The soil's exhausted. That land is so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss. Jill can grow a garden anywhere, even on land too poor to raise a racket on.
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juice racket

n. a racket where exorbitant interest is charged on loans. (Underworld.) The cops got one of the leaders of the juice racket.
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1. n. noise. Cut out that racket! Shut up!
2. n. a deception; a scam. This is not a service station; it’s a real racket!
3. n. any job. I’ve been in this racket for twenty years and never made any money.
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The amount of money to be made under this racket is stupendous, and it is an open secret that many among our political elite, MNAs and MPAs, are either operating used car dealerships directly or through somebody known to them.
A number of authors [1,6,8,12,14,15] have analyzed a simulated ground stroke with stationary racket at rest or at a relatively low speed movement, but the findings are not particularly representative of real tennis first/flat serve at high racket speed.
This has now turned out to be true with the police busting a major betting racket in Aurangabad.
Sensors inside the handle record the power of a stroke, the impact of the ball on the racket strings, the kind of stroke, the spin and game time and send the information to a smart phone, computer or other device.
Values for ball velocity, durations of the three phases, mean EMGrms for each muscle, minimal and maximal joint moment peaks, and mean negative and positive shoulder joint power during each phase of the serve for the three rackets are presented as mean [+ or -] standard error (SE) over the participants.
Ashrita said: "We got permission from Guinness to model the racket after an old fashioned wood racket.
The player, whose racket is being tested, may attend the checking of the racket inside the racket control room.
Also during the four days event, Raymond Kelly won a racket signed by Mansour Bahrami, the Iranian legendary tennis player and Angelyn Solanki won another racket signed by Stefan Edberg.
The primary suspects, who have been tied to organ transplant rackets in the past, have apparently fled the country, Lal said.
The primary suspects, who police said have been tied to organ transplant rackets in the past, have apparently fled the country, Lal said.
I tape every match," said Li, who co-owns Raquets Rackets with his brother.
TWO of Rugby School's senior boys are celebrating a fine season in the ancient sport of rackets.
Junior rackets come in a few different sizes for children of all ages.
We didn't have the best rackets or the coolest clothes.
This is my first time and I was delighted and very excited,' he said yesterday in between stringing rackets for the tournament's 6th seed Juan-Carlos Ferrero of Spain.