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land so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss

 and land too poor to raise a racket on
Rur. land where nothing will grow. I inherited two hundred acres from my uncle, but it's land so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss. The soil's exhausted. That land is so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss. Jill can grow a garden anywhere, even on land too poor to raise a racket on.
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juice racket

n. a racket where exorbitant interest is charged on loans. (Underworld.) The cops got one of the leaders of the juice racket.
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1. n. noise. Cut out that racket! Shut up!
2. n. a deception; a scam. This is not a service station; it’s a real racket!
3. n. any job. I’ve been in this racket for twenty years and never made any money.
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to And the icing on the cake for the teenager came when Andy, 28, signed the racket after Sunday's match.
Rumgay said: "I'm the first player in 20 years in Britain to have a professional racket with his name on it.
ABOUT THE PRO STAFF 97S Wilson Labs, the innovation hub at Wilson, and recently re-signed Wilson Advisory Staff member Grigor Dimitrov, worked collaboratively for 24 months to develop a new Pro Staff racket to round out the highly popular Pro Staff franchise.
WITH the arrest of his son in the multi-crore extortion racket, pressure builds on Karnataka Lokayukta justice Y Bhaskar Rao to quit.
com SWINGBALL PRO THE classic ball and racket game where players whack the tethered tennis ball up and down the metal spiral.
LACOSTE staged a glamorous LT12 Party at the Elements Pool Lounge, InterContinental Regency Bahrain, to help celebrate the launch of its latest limited-edition tennis racket .
PowerAngle is the healthiest tennis racket for a player's arm, as PowerAngle's equal-length diagonals are scientifically proven to reduce 40% of the harmful vibrations transmitted by conventionally-strung rackets.
Three months from now, Federer will launch a collection of rackets he used throughout his career - including the big-headed racket that is viewed as one of the key factors to his resurgence this season.
It's part of e Great British Tennis T Weekend, when over 1,000 venues across Britain open for four weekends - inspiring over 50,000 men, women and children to pick up a racket and hit the court - all without costing a penny.
The functional programming language, Racket, an offshoot of Lisp, is introduced through the coding of a series of games designed to enable programmers new to Racket to master its ins and outs.
A cult racket of Bulgaria's best tennis player Grigor Dimitrov is kept in a special showcase in the office of PR expert Maxim Behar in Sofia.
ROGER FEDERER has super-sized his racket in a bid to add to his 17 Grand Slam titles.
Officials believe the duo were in the racket to make a quick buck, and that they may be part of a larger smuggling racket, and were operating as carriers.
REALM OF RACKET; LEARN TO PROGRAM, ONE GAME AT A TIME reveals the basics of Racket, a powerful programming language perfect for novice coders and students.
Major research in tennis racket innovation is based on analytical models that mimic impacts on the racket-face, in order to understand the influence of racket specifications on the player's performance (Allen et al.