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1. A great deal of noise or a loud commotion. What's all that racket, kids? There's an awful racket outside the house.
2. A fraudulent scam or money-making operation. He's always cooking up some racket or another to get rich quick. The mob uses legitimate businesses to conceal the rackets it runs to earn its real profits.
3. slang Any business or occupation, especially one that provides an easy and profitable living. I've got a pretty good racket going between writing my novel and doing freelance work in the evening.

land so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss

 and land too poor to raise a racket on
Rur. land where nothing will grow. I inherited two hundred acres from my uncle, but it's land so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss. The soil's exhausted. That land is so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss. Jill can grow a garden anywhere, even on land too poor to raise a racket on.
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juice racket

n. a racket where exorbitant interest is charged on loans. (Underworld.) The cops got one of the leaders of the juice racket.
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1. n. noise. Cut out that racket! Shut up!
2. n. a deception; a scam. This is not a service station; it’s a real racket!
3. n. any job. I’ve been in this racket for twenty years and never made any money.
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The one time the government managed to successfully shut down a large racket was with the CNG station owners, many of whom became infamous for selling gas without paying the gas utilities their bills, meaning they were selling government-owned gas to consumers and pocketing the proceeds themselves.
This website offers a quick and easy way for players to find the most suitable racket that works best with their style of play.
In the Rome Masters final last month, Djokovic did a similar thing and his racket bounced into the crowd.
Police in Nalgonda, India arrested the kingpin in the kidney racket, Suresh Prajapathi, and two of his cronies, who facilitated the transplants.
Lacierda acknowledged that the incidents were disturbing, and promised that the government would look into the allegations of a racket run by a syndicate at Naia.
All I've done before is pick up a racket and go 'Heavy or light?
A number of authors [1,6,8,12,14,15] have analyzed a simulated ground stroke with stationary racket at rest or at a relatively low speed movement, but the findings are not particularly representative of real tennis first/flat serve at high racket speed.
Entirely made by a French craftsman based in Albertville, today each racket takes five hours to produce.
Three months from now, Federer will launch a collection of rackets he used throughout his career - including the big-headed racket that is viewed as one of the key factors to his resurgence this season.
It's part of e Great British Tennis T Weekend, when over 1,000 venues across Britain open for four weekends - inspiring over 50,000 men, women and children to pick up a racket and hit the court - all without costing a penny.
Paris -- Aluminum and graphite swept away the wooden racket that Bjorn Borg used to win 11 Grand Slam titles, but smart rackets that analyze power and spin promise a new tennis revolution.
The functional programming language, Racket, an offshoot of Lisp, is introduced through the coding of a series of games designed to enable programmers new to Racket to master its ins and outs.
A cult racket of Bulgaria's best tennis player Grigor Dimitrov is kept in a special showcase in the office of PR expert Maxim Behar in Sofia.
ROGER FEDERER has super-sized his racket in a bid to add to his 17 Grand Slam titles.