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Majestic's racker (below) makes operating the Ruger bolt a lot easier, especially when a scope is used.
Rackspace has invested heavily in the company's unique culture, in training and in creating fun and dynamic work environments for Rackers.
I am thrilled to have veteran Racker Taylor Rhodes step into this role," said Lanham Napier, president and CEO of Rackspace.
3 million budget last year," Racker says, "but that doesn't mean we can't handle big-budget projects.
At Rackspace, as featured on the full list, employees, called Rackers, help companies fix technology problems by providing Fanatical Support([R]).
VAL OVESON joined Wisan, Smith, Racker & Prescott, LLP as a partner.
7 Wisan, Smith, Racker & 132 Pierpont (801) 328-2011 P
Keith Prescott, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, is a partner in the firm of Wisan, Smith, Racker & Prescott, LLP, where he heads the tax and valuation departments.
The locals are staying close to home," says Joel Racker, president and CEO of the Utah Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau (UVCVB.
10 Wisan, Smith, Racker & Financial statements, tax planning and
SAN ANTONIO -- Second graph, second sentence of release should read: As a Racker, or Rackspace employee, since 2000, Napier has helped guide the company to become a force in the industry and expand from less than 100 Rackers operating a single data center in 2001 to over 2,750 Rackers and nine data centers worldwide in 2010.
Limited Tenders are invited for Preservation of transom, frame Bracing, rackers, padstal ramp no 1, Bearing, roller plain mk-ii & mk-iii and Shoe jack of bb at ge (ep) jodhpur.
Gill rackers were comparatively larger and pointed continuously decreasing from top to lower end.
To illustrate, consider the performance of Neil Rackers in 2005.
ALL FALL DOWN: American Kenny Rackers, right, celebrates winning the first race at Cooper's Hill during the annual Bank Holiday tradition of cheese-rolling in Gloucestershire