race for (something)

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race for (something)

1. To compete (against someone) in a trial of speed or time in order to win some prize or reward. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "race" and "against" to specify what or whom one is racing. A: "I want that toy!" B: "I'll race you for it!" The two biker gangs are racing for control of this area.
2. To move, run, drive, etc., in a very hurried or frantic manner in order to reach or get to some place. As soon as we pulled into the garage, Tommy jumped out of the car and raced for the bathroom. I raced for the telephone the moment it rang.
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race someone for something

to compete against someone for a prize; to try to outrun someone to get to something first. I will race you for the grand prize. Ned raced his sister for the breakfast table every morning.
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race for something

to run or drive fast to get to something in a hurry. I raced for the door to see who was there. The children raced for the best seats in front of the television set.
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With a maximum 50 points at stake in the final round, which will be held as support races for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the same venue on March 30-31, Al Faisal is all set to become the first Omani to claim back-to-back overall honours.
Classic trials Races for horses that won't run in the Classics and, if they do, won't win.
Influences from abroad and contemporary world-historical analyses of the geography of the races for the most part entered the discourse on racial conflict in Baltimore through a channel largely unexplored by historians of transnational connections, that of amateur interest.
The slightly chubby, sandy-haired operative had been involved with political races for a number of years by the time be managed Tim Johnson's upset of incumbent senator Larry Pressler in South Dakota in 1996.
But any new talent will likely remain on the national margins--running races for Congress and judgeships--until someone breaks up the consultant oligarchy.
TWO races for the British Truck Racing Association Championship top the bill at the Welsh Motorsport Centre at Pembrey this weekend.
Before you get too cozy visualizing all those personal records, let's analyze last years races for patterns, hints and habits in your racing history.
Trexler documents races on the feast of the Virgin's Assumption in Brescia and Padua and similar races for different saints' days in Rome and Pienza.
Races for horses who wouldn't run fast even if they could, introduced to give auctioneers the chance to say: "Surely someone will give me 2,000 guineas?"
Greyhound racing will receive pounds 40 on all Sky races for every pounds 10,000 bet.