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The Wieroo wheeled and dropped almost to sea-level, and then raced southward in an effort to outdistance our pursuers.
Like a frightened ecca I leaped to my feet and raced for the sheltering sanctuary of the forest, where I knew neither could follow or seize me.
With a howl of dismay the six Band-lu rose from their shelter and raced away toward the south.
Reporters for the newspapers raced, in frantic procession, out of the inn, and rushed into cabs to put the news in print.
She raced mostly in the Mojave Desert and near Las Vegas.
Among the legendary drivers who have raced at the Nashville track include; Buck Baker, Lee Petty, Fireball Roberts, Donnie and Bobby Allison, Coo-Coo and Sterling Marlin and Darrell Waltrip.
Johnson, who developed a passion for racing while watching his father race motorcycles and briefly drove sprint cars, gave up a career as a china salesman in 1978 to start the traveling series that raced close to 100 times a season.
These father and son cars raced on the same track 12 years apart so this is a rare opportunity for racing fans to own a piece of the Earnhardt legacy," said Michelle Naranjo of iSoldIt motors.
Sedgwick, who has raced on the NASCAR Southwest Series, West Series and Craftsman Truck Series, has yet to finish outside the top five in Super Trucks races this year.
Raced at ChicagoLand Speedway in Joliet, Illinois, the race will be carried live on ABC at 1:30 p.
Pursley was making his first start of the year driving the same car he raced for Craig Keough last year.
Allison has raced his way to the Winner's Circle on the short track more than 600 times, including 85 NASCAR wins - which ties him for 3rd place in the all-time win list.