race with

race with (someone or something)

1. To compete against someone in a trial of speed or time. You wanna race with me? I bet that I'll win!
2. Of one's heart, to beat very rapidly because of some intense emotion. My heart was racing with fear.
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race with someone or something

to enter a speed contest with someone or something. I refuse to race with Carla. She is much too fast for me. I can't race with a horse!
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References in classic literature ?
"I only wish there was a real horse here for me to race with. I'd show the people a fine sight, I can tell you."
"Then why not race with the Sawhorse?" enquired the Scarecrow.
"Is there one person to be found in this vast crowd," he asked, "who has come to see the race with the doubt in his mind which has brought us to see it?"
The Red Bull Soapbox race is an annual event where amateur drivers race with their homemade soapbox vehicles down a 420 m hill through obstacles.
Muscat: The Royal Horse Racing Club (RHRC) is all set to host the Oman Derby race with the participation of international riders and horses.
* Be sure to choose a race with a reputation for being well organized--even if you're not racing seriously.
Du Bois, and Cane author Jean Toomer, Guterl argues that in the first four decades of the twentieth century a biracial ideology emerged that equated race with color and fixated almost exclusively on whiteness and blackness.
Daileader's "Casting Black Actors: Beyond Othellophilia" (like Hendricks's introduction, a commissioned piece) offers a new turn in studies of Shakespeare and race with its emphasis on ideology and performance.
We round out our special issue on race with the first of a two-part U.S.
Simon proposes replacing race with the best interest of the child as the standard for adoption.
Langley, later revealed to be John Pollock Langley and the grandnephew of the despicable Anson Pollock, has inherited from his ancestor both his "good looks" and his "bad nature." The narrator explains that he is "a descendant of slaves and Southern 'crackers.' We might find this a bad mixture--the combination of the worst features of a dominant race with an enslaved race." As a result, Langley has "a revengeful trait of character...