race to

race to someone or something

to run to someone or something. The girls raced to the front room. We all raced to Mary, who had the candy.
See also: race
References in classic literature ?
Rather, there is stern satisfaction in the performance of the warrior's and the sea-king's task, the determination of a strong-willed race to assert itself, and do, with much barbarian boasting, what its hand finds to do in the midst of a difficult life and a hostile nature.
ESPN: Will present a simulcast of ESPN Deportes' Spanish-language flag-to-flag coverage of the race to more than 92 million homes in the U.
NYSE: TRK) officials today announced that Atlanta Motor Speedway has added a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race to its 2004 event schedule.
Holmes has a 47-point lead in the West Series standings over David with one race to go.
In LAN and serial port racing, computer cars can be added to the race to make the experience more realistic.
Most said that Dana would have wanted the race to go on as scheduled, as well.
Franchitti won the California Speedway event, perhaps the last IRL race to run at the Fontana track.
Herta is eighth in the IRL standings with one race to go, the season finale at California Speedway on Oct.
Huddleston holds a 94-point lead over Mike Johnson of Covina with one race to go.