race through

race through (something)

1. To run or move very quickly or frantically through some place or thing. He raced through the building shouting at people to hide. The biker gang raced through the streets terrorizing people. The detective was racing through the group of spectators trying to catch the criminal.
2. To do, complete, or perform something very quickly, hurriedly, or frantically. You've got plenty of time, so don't race through the test questions! We're running out of time, so we'll have to race through the dress rehearsal.
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race through someone or something

to run or chase through a group of people or a place. The children raced through the group of ladies standing by the door. The dogs raced through the room, upsetting a lamp.
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race through something

to perform some task very rapidly. They raced through their prayers and jumped into bed. The children raced through dinner, in a hurry to get outside to play.
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