race for

race for (something)

1. To compete (against someone) in a trial of speed or time in order to win some prize or reward. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "race" and "against" to specify what or whom one is racing. A: "I want that toy!" B: "I'll race you for it!" The two biker gangs are racing for control of this area.
2. To move, run, drive, etc., in a very hurried or frantic manner in order to reach or get to some place. As soon as we pulled into the garage, Tommy jumped out of the car and raced for the bathroom. I raced for the telephone the moment it rang.
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race someone for something

to compete against someone for a prize; to try to outrun someone to get to something first. I will race you for the grand prize. Ned raced his sister for the breakfast table every morning.
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race for something

to run or drive fast to get to something in a hurry. I raced for the door to see who was there. The children raced for the best seats in front of the television set.
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References in classic literature ?
There were several races fixed for that day: the Mounted Guards' race, then the officers' mile-and-a-half race, then the three-mile race, and then the race for which he was entered.
We have more than the rights of common men;--we have the claim of an injured race for reparation.
June 14, 2019 Chepstow, UK 1 Arabian Race for UK domestic horses only
The meeting will include one race for Fegentri with the participation of lady riders from various countries.
1st race: Wilayat of Muscat race for pure Arabians (2000m), 2nd race: South A'Sharqiyah Governorate race for Thoroughbreds (1600m), 3rd race: South Al Batinah Governorate race for pure Arabians (1600m), 4th race: Wilayat of Nizwa race for pure Arabians (1600m) and 5th Race: Al Buraimi Governorate race for pure Arabians (1600m).
Beginners' chase A jumps race for horses who have never won a race over fences.
MTM is the team of the Military Traffic Management Command in the Komen National Race for the Cure.
Though the military insult races disappeared from documents around the mid-fourteenth century, the festive races that bore close affinities to them continued in many European cities for centuries.(27) Since the well known Roman races instituted under Pope Paul II in 1467 featured a derisive race for Roman Jews, many have assumed that in Ferrara's palio and others the male runners were also Jews.
As the Edsalls see it, Americans came together on race for a brief moment in the mid-sixties, but their buried misgivings and disagreements soon began to tear the country, and especially the Democrats, apart.
After a long court battle over the rules, the Mercury Bay Boat Club's New Zealand and the San Diego Yacht Club's Stars and Stripes will race for possession of the Cup Sept.
For other races, the first race will be for locally bred horses (1600m), the second race for pure Arabian horses (1600m), third race for pure Arabian horses ( 1600m ), fourth race for thoroughbred horses (1400m), fifth race for pure Arabian horses (1400m), and the sixth race for local bred horses (1600m).
Maiden for two-year-olds Race for horses that, so far, have cost pounds 15,000 to keep, haven't done anything useful, but still might.
At the same time, one would likely want to choose a race for which the chances are good that that the day of the race will not be an overwhelmingly hot one.
The Military Traffic Management Command's banner was held high in the June 6 National Race For the Cure, where 50 MTMC Headquarters employees made a statement in the fight against breast cancer.