race for

race someone for something

to compete against someone for a prize; to try to outrun someone to get to something first. I will race you for the grand prize. Ned raced his sister for the breakfast table every morning.
See also: race

race for something

to run or drive fast to get to something in a hurry. I raced for the door to see who was there. The children raced for the best seats in front of the television set.
See also: race
References in classic literature ?
We have more than the rights of common men;--we have the claim of an injured race for reparation.
In essence, he is trading in one world- famous race for another.
What really convinced me is that the fans have been asking us to run a truck race for years.
This was the last Elite Division race for the All-Star Showdown.
At the same time, one would likely want to choose a race for which the chances are good that that the day of the race will not be an overwhelmingly hot one.
The Indianapolis 500, the signature race for the Indy Racing Northern Light Series, is the largest single-day sporting event in the world.
Drivers will be racing in a 60-minute figure 8 race for a $10,000 first-place prize.
Hornaday was entered in the Truck Series race Friday night at O'Reilly Raceway Park and is racing in the Busch Series race for Kevin Harvick Inc.
Dan Wheldon, who won the Indy Racing League title and the Indianapolis 500 with Andretti Green Racing in 2005, switched teams and will race for Chip Ganassi next year.
But it has turned into a two-truck race for the championship.
It's a very important race for us because so many of our sponsors are based in Chicago,'' said Herta, a Hart High of Newhall graduate.
The drivers in the top 10 or within 400 points of the leader after the 26th race of the season will be eligible to race for the championship in the final 10 races of the year.
There is also some speculation that Herta will race for Andretti Green Racing of the Indy Racing League.
Even if he were offered a chance to race for Minardi, there are some conflicting dates with his American Le Mans Series schedule and Formula One.
I work to race, but the risk is not the pain or the injuries that come from time to time as much as the big risk that I might not be able to race for a few weeks or ever.