race card

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the race card

The act or tactic of introducing the issue of racial discrimination, especially against the race one identifies as, in order to gain an advantage in or dismiss or discredit an argument. Typically used in the phrase "play the race card." There you go playing the race card again. I don't care if you're purple—I still think it's a bad policy! I hate it when casual racists try to brush off legitimate criticism by claiming that you're just "playing the race card."
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*race card

Cliché the issue of race magnified and injected into a situation which might otherwise be non-racial. (Typically: deal ~; play ~; use ~.) At the last minute, the opposition candidate played the race card and lost the election for himself.
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"This notion that somehow I was playing the race card is ridiculous.
As I searched through numerous white supremacist websites, I found racist images, rhetoric and appeals to stereotypical ideas of black male sexuality and criminality; so close, but still no race card.
Repeatedly, he has failed to do so, even playing the race card preemptively on behalf of his opponents.
Kennel hands Pauline Carr, left, and Yvette Hurford; RACING: Bob Oakley, leading, and Newcastle's Derek Close in 1950; PIECE OF HISTORY: Hylton Marrs, of the stadium, holds a 1932 race card, one of many items to be put on display for the milestone; POPULAR PASTIME: Spectators at Brough Park watch the dogs, in this old black and white snapshot; MY NAMESAKE: Kevin Keegan with the greyhound named after him, Keegan Blue Star
WHETHER you choose to dine in one of our fantastic restaurants with stunning views of all the live action-with admission, race card and a mouth-watering meal as standard - or decide to take a trip trackside and get close up to the action, you can be assured of an adrenalin-fuelled night out for all.
Collect three vouchers out of a possible six we have been printing this week and up to four people will gain free entry and a free pint when you purchase a race card for pounds 2.50 each saving you pounds 5 per person.
ALTHOUGH tonight's 480 open event will be considered the highlight on the 12- race card at Shawfield, regular racegoers will be delighted that race boss Tommy Gilmartin has featured two 670 handicaps.
Included in this great package is: Admission, race card, pint or soft drink, fast food meal, pounds 1 forecast bet, pounds 1 trio bet, free return admission within two weeks (race card not included).
If you fancy an evening with a group of friends or have a special occasion to celebrate like a birthday, why not try the Select Seven package, which includes admission, a race card, one pint or soft drink, one fast-food meal, a free pounds 1 forecast bet and a free pounds 1 trio bet plus free return admission within two weeks (race card not included) so you can enjoy yourselves all over again.
Lucky ticket holders will enjoy an action-packed evening at the dogs with free race card, first drink and a snack supper.
Ray Liotta is suitably slimy as a Green Card approval officer and Jim Sturgess brings up the rear as a non-practising Jew who is trying to play the race card to find work.
The pounds 15,000 Cenkos Chase will take place at 7.20pm, as part of a six- race card starting at 5.50pm..
Wincanton will stage an all hurdle race card on Saturday after being forced to cancel their chases, while on the same day Kempton will stage an extra allweather fixture.
Despite the race card's advice - "one to watch rather than back" - Mr Turner placed a sum on his horse at odds of 99.5-1.