race against

race against (someone or something)

1. noun An attempt to accomplish something in a short amount of time. Typically followed by "time" or "the clock." After getting a flat tire, it was a race against the clock to make it to the airport in time. It will be a race against time to get these donor kidneys to the hospital before the ice packs melt.
2. noun A competitive time or speed trial against someone or something Let's have a race against the two fastest runners and see who wins! Hey, wanna race against me? I bet I can win!
3. verb To compete in such a trial. He wants to race against my old mustang, convinced his souped-up new hotrod can compete! Hey, wanna race against me? I bet I can win!
4. verb To act very quickly or attempt to accomplish something in a short amount of time. Typically followed by "time" or "the clock." Jen's going to have to race against the clock if she wants to get her story in tomorrow's newspaper—it's almost time to send it to the publisher! The doctors are racing against time in their efforts to cure Mary's disease.
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race against someone or something

to attempt to win a trial of speed against someone or something. I don't want to race against Kelly. She is too fast. I had to race against time to get there before the baby got worse.
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References in classic literature ?
I traveled with awful velocity for my errand was a race against time with death.
From Happy Camp to Long Lake, from Long Lake to Deep Lake, and from Deep Lake up over the enormous hog-back and down to Linderman, the man-killing race against winter kept on.
"Now for that matter, old trapper," said Paul, stretching his athletic form like a mastiff conscious of his strength, "I am on the side of the captain, and am clearly for a race against the fire, though it line me into a Teton wigwam.
National charity Race Against Blood Cancer is holding their "Be The One" dinner at the stadium on September 6.
But he said it was a "race against time" to submit the champion fruit to Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show before it lost too much weight.
He said: "It was a race against time to get it to the show."
By bringing the fast learning and development methods of F1 to the research environment, Sir Jackie has created the Race Against Dementia charity and made it his mission to come up with treatments and a cure.
This is a horse destined to race against better class in the future and, with a low draw a bonus, should complete a three-timer with the minimum of fuss.
1986: Bob Geldof's Race Against Time had 30 million people worldwide running for Sport Aid to raise money for the starving in Africa.
In the hypothetical race against Han and Ko, Tsai polled at 28 percent, of the total, while Lai polled at 30.5 percent.
STUDENTS at Loughborough College were faced with a top secret escape mission when their lesson became a code cracking race against time.
Summary: Johannesburg [South Africa], Nov 30 (ANI): Red Bull's Max Verstappen has expressed regret over not being able to race against retired Formula One driver Fernando Alonso.
The former deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs reportedly won after a close race against former wing vice-chief and fellow senator Khairul Azwan Harun.
Summary: British driver agrees to race against Brazilian footballer in wheelchair using only the mind
Amitabh Bachchan has received a painting as a gift from his Waqt: The race against time co-star Shefali Shah.