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raccoon eye(s)

1. Discoloration in the area surrounding the eye(s) due to an accumulation of blood, as caused by periorbital ecchymosis (i.e., "black eye(s)"). Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. He had a pretty bad raccoon eye after the bully punched him in the face. I had raccoon eyes for several days after my car accident.
2. A discoloration immediately around—and especially under—the eye(s) due to the smearing or heavy application of dark-colored makeup. Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. She wouldn't have such a problem with raccoon eyes if she didn't wear so much makeup to begin with! Whenever I cry, it causes my makeup to run and give me raccoon eyes.
3. A discoloration immediately around—and especially under—the eye(s) due to prolonged fatigue or lack of sleep. Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. I must not sleep very soundly because I always have these raccoon eyes when I wake up.
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a coon's age

An exceptionally long period of time. Based on the folk belief that raccoons (shortened colloquially to "coons") had a longer-than-average lifespan. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. It will take a coon's age to get all this work finished! I haven't been on a vacation in a coon's age.
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When that failed, the firefighters called in local government animal control experts, who sedated the raccoon, calming it enough to pull its head out of the grate.
Once the raccoon was lathered up with soap and water, firefighters tried to slide it free with a bit of gentle tugging.
'A raccoon got overnight on the roof of our shed - we called four different animal shelters and rescues,' said Noor Fadel, who filmed her dad, Mohammed, carrying out the rescue.
A WOMAN was forced to call the RSPCA this week after a mischievous raccoon was found playing in her garden - but it wasn't hard to find out where it came from.
Raccoons with distemper show symptoms including unusual tameness, disorientation, appearing confused, lack of coordination and aggressive behavior and the park staff said these symptoms were witnessed even in living raccoons.
1 and 2, respectively, to the time series [N.sub.t] and [E.sub.t] of raccoons for each WMA, and used model selection to detect the density dependence for each raccoon population.
The mean age class of raccoons was between II and III.
procyonis-seropositive participants had seen raccoons in their neighborhood during the past year, and 7 had seen 1 in their yard during the past month.
The post Pregnant female raccoon on the loose in Nicosia appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
By examining footprints at an intermediate and fine scale, we were able to determine a minimum number of raccoons known to be alive (MNKA).
Raccoon Family Adventures (Animal Family Adventures)
Although no direct exposure to raccoons or raccoon feces was ever reported, the patient was known to hike in rural areas where raccoons are commonly found.
The raccoons also attempted to drag the other dog away.
Raccoons are highly intelligent, quickly learning how to open gates and bin lids.
A friend of mine traps raccoons and carts them away to try to prevent any exposure.