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raccoon eye(s)

1. Discoloration in the area surrounding the eye(s) due to an accumulation of blood, as caused by periorbital ecchymosis (i.e., "black eye(s)"). Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. He had a pretty bad raccoon eye after the bully punched him in the face. I had raccoon eyes for several days after my car accident.
2. A discoloration immediately around—and especially under—the eye(s) due to the smearing or heavy application of dark-colored makeup. Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. She wouldn't have such a problem with raccoon eyes if she didn't wear so much makeup to begin with! Whenever I cry, it causes my makeup to run and give me raccoon eyes.
3. A discoloration immediately around—and especially under—the eye(s) due to prolonged fatigue or lack of sleep. Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. I must not sleep very soundly because I always have these raccoon eyes when I wake up.
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a coon's age

An exceptionally long period of time. Based on the folk belief that raccoons (shortened colloquially to "coons") had a longer-than-average lifespan. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. It will take a coon's age to get all this work finished! I haven't been on a vacation in a coon's age.
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Finally, I think the one hit near the end finally did a number on the raccoon.
Participants (149/150) filled out a questionnaire on demographic characteristics and potential risk factors, such as pet ownership, pet and wildlife feeding practices, past contact with raccoons or raccoon feces, and frequency of raccoon observations around their neighborhood and residence (online Technical Appendix, https://www.
Raccoon prints were photographed with a Canon EOS 70D (Canon USA, Farmington Hills, MI) with a 50 mm F/2.
The pet raccoon was removed from the home, and the patient was treated with albendazole and corticosteroids for 3 weeks and clinically improved; however, 16 months later, she was reevaluated in Arkansas for worsening headaches, nausea, photophobia, and sensory deficits.
Jensen likened the raccoon to video game character Sly Cooper, an anthropomorphic raccoon jewel thief, in the video's description.
A Govern-|ment expert has warned that escaped RACCOONS may breed in the wild and become a bin-raiding pest in Britain - as they already are in Germany
A friend of mine traps raccoons and carts them away to try to prevent any exposure.
David McDonald cuddles his Raccoon dog Ronnie, after she went missing, with Terry Tulett who helped catch her
At first, I thought it was a badger, but its unusual facial markings made me think it was a raccoon.
On three separate evenings, as I peered out my kitchen window looking for the raccoon, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw movement along the deck, only to realize it was Ella's reflection, as she followed me into the kitchen.
Times Two is an endearing narrative that features a young raccoon being reassured by a parent about just how far love can reach.
The common raccoon has a broad diet that allows it to adapt to many different environments, including urban and suburban environments (Prange et al.
sprinkling ivory petals on asphalt, when a raccoon bolts from a hedge.
Upstairs, I found the sink blocked with a loo roll, the taps on full, and a naughty raccoon having the time of her life - splashing in the sink.