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quiz out (of something)

to earn permission to waive a college course by successful completion of a quiz or exam. Andrew was able to quiz out of calculus. After studying very hard, he quizzed out.
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quiz someone about someone or something

to ask someone many questions about someone or something. The general quizzed the soldier about the incident. The officer quizzed her about Randy.
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quiz someone on someone or something

to give someone a quiz or test over the subject of someone or something. The teacher quizzed the students on the chapter she had assigned for homework. I hope they quiz me on George Washington. I am prepared.
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piss quiz

n. a urine test for drugs. (Usually objectionable.) They told me I had to take a piss quiz to work there.
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Quiz Kid

A very smart youngster. A popular radio show during the 1940s and '50s and later a television series, Quiz Kids featured a panel of five youngsters, none over the age of sixteen, with extraordinarily high IQs. They answered difficult questions on a wide range of topics that were submitted by listeners. Among the panelists who went on to bigger and better things was James Watson, the Nobel scientist who codiscovered DNA. People used the phrase as both a compliment (“My son is so smart, he could be a Quiz Kid”) and sarcasm (“You flunked another test?—nice going, Quiz Kid!”).
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It may take place in the following session if the quizzer misses the session for a reason accepted by parliament, at the consent of the concerned official.
Paragraph one of Article (148): The quizzers or the committee can ask the minister to provide some information related to the subject of the quizzing through a written request to Speaker ahead of the session.
BeachFront Quizzer software is adaptive-it keeps generating the types of questions you find difficult to answer until they become a snap.
It gives quizzers a chance to test -- or show off -- their individual prowess, and the quiz master an opportunity to ask questions that wouldn't work in a live quiz, such as "Does New Delhi lie north or south of the Tropic of Cancer?
WAR OF THE WORDS is a vocabulary quizzer which plays on the fact that words have more than one meaning.
Stockton quizzer Clive Dunning was crowned champion of Mastermind on Saturday, and it seems he followed in the footsteps of the late Walter Dobson, who held the title of Mensa Brain after winning the BBC "Supermind" title in 1976.
I'm really someone that's not especially interested in anything apart from sitting with my glasses on trying to do the crossword, but I've been sprayed with make-up and padlocked into a dress that doesn't really fit and then they put a lot of Vaseline on the lens and I look reasonably presentable, but I have the soul of a quizzer.
Civil servant Andy Page,another Northern area star quizzer and Mastermind champion of 2003,alsocomes from Yorkshire.
But Teesside quizzer Clive Dunning proved he not only had the right answers, but could also handle the pressure when he was last night crowned 2014 Mastermind champion.
Brian, a keen local quizzer, has appeared on numerous game shows over the years including Sale of the Century, Mastermind, 15 to 1 and Connections.
Crossovers are the main reason and among the first was Mitsubishi's Outlander, sharing an engine with Peugeot's 4007 and Citroen's Cris-Cross Quizzer.
Jamie Theakston says: "For the first time the whole nation can compete against each other to find out who is the best quizzer in the country.
I am an avid quizzer and my appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was my 24thTV show.