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quiz out of (something)

To become eligible to skip some required or prerequisite academic course, usually by achieving a certain score on a quiz or test. I quizzed out of a number of entry-level courses for my degree, so I was able to finish college a year early.
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quiz kid

A person, usually a child or young adult, who is exceptionally knowledgeable or intelligent, especially in trivia. He actually earned quite a lot of money as a quiz kid on various trivia gameshows when he was younger. We should invite Sarah to the pub quiz—she's something of a quiz kid when it comes to sports.
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quiz out (of something)

to earn permission to waive a college course by successful completion of a quiz or exam. Andrew was able to quiz out of calculus. After studying very hard, he quizzed out.
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quiz someone about someone or something

to ask someone many questions about someone or something. The general quizzed the soldier about the incident. The officer quizzed her about Randy.
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quiz someone on someone or something

to give someone a quiz or test over the subject of someone or something. The teacher quizzed the students on the chapter she had assigned for homework. I hope they quiz me on George Washington. I am prepared.
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piss quiz

n. a urine test for drugs. (Usually objectionable.) They told me I had to take a piss quiz to work there.
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Quiz Kid

A very smart youngster. A popular radio show during the 1940s and '50s and later a television series, Quiz Kids featured a panel of five youngsters, none over the age of sixteen, with extraordinarily high IQs. They answered difficult questions on a wide range of topics that were submitted by listeners. Among the panelists who went on to bigger and better things was James Watson, the Nobel scientist who codiscovered DNA. People used the phrase as both a compliment (“My son is so smart, he could be a Quiz Kid”) and sarcasm (“You flunked another test?—nice going, Quiz Kid!”).
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The Discovery Kids & WWF-India's Wild Wisdom Quiz 2016 aims to provide students anopportunity to delve deeper into the evolution and biodiversity of India and to think about our collective responsibility to preserve this legacy.
Every Tuesday at Ameriesko's Hatton Garden cafe and every Wednesday at Ameriesko's Bold Street cafe, an American music and TV themed pub quiz will take place, complete with live comedy.
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There is a potential opportunity cost of taking quizzes in terms of time spent traveling to the university and time spent on actually taking the quiz.
Therefore, students must try to anticipate what material will be covered by the quiz and prepare accordingly.
The quiz trophy was kindly donated by the Wolston Sports & Social Club and after the sad passing of a popular Wolston villager, Tony Hippwell, it was decided in honour of Tony to name the quiz trophy 'The Tony Hippwell Shield'.
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com)-- Released for Android on Wednesday, October 16, 2013, the GCF Quiz mobile app shifts the focus of the quiz-taking experience.
The material for each quiz was announced at least one class in advance of the quiz.
The CE quiz in ABA Bank Marketing magazine provides up to 10 continuing education credits per year to Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMPs).
UrFilez, a leading digital music service for MEA and Asian markets, has come on board as the entertainment sponsor for the business quiz show organised by Tamkeen, Bahrain's labour fund.
Atest is a simpler, less formal version of an examination; a quiz is a simpler, less formal version of a test.