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arrow in the quiver

One of several options or alternatives available. With all this varied job experience under my belt, I have more than one arrow in the quiver if this particular career path isn't to my liking. I've got a job interview next week, but I'm still handing out my résumé so that I'll have another arrow in the quiver.
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quiver with (something)

To tremble or shake because of some extreme emotion or condition. I positively quivered with anticipation as I opened up the letter from Harvard. We sat quivering with fear as the troops passed through town. The poor child was quivering with fever by the time I came home with her medicine.
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quiver with something

1. Lit. to shake or shiver from something, such as cold, fear, anticipation, etc. On seeing the bear, the dogs quivered with fear. Todd quivered with the cold.
2. Fig. to experience eagerness or joy. I quivered with delight when I saw the dessert. Tom quivered with eagerness as the door opened.
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an arrow in the quiver

one of a number of resources or strategies that can be drawn on or followed.
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For example, it is a fairly stout material and tends to hold its shape when folded into a quiver.
Ramcat is a designer, marketer, and sourcer of broadheads for compound bows, crossbows, and traditional bows of any speed as well as replacement blades, quivers, and other accessories.
Some worry that non-bow quivers might be cumbersome in the woods, but trust me.
Draw for Friday's final: 1 Quivers Maeve, 2 Quivers Cooper, 3 Tallahassee (m), 4 Wise Spirit (m), 5.
Cory Booker said when asked by After Buzz TV's Gianna Miceli if there were ever any efforts to pair him up with Robin Quivers.
This book re-introduces the illustrations and descriptions of Native North American bows, quivers, and arrows by ethnographer Otis Tufton Mason, who was a curator for the Smithsonian Institution at the end of the 19th century.
Mitre Welding Products specialists in the manufacture of electrode drying ovens, baking ovens and heated quivers for the storage and handling of welding electrodes, as well as track heaters for use in the rail industry.
This disc quivers with almost as many raw nerve endings as Hole's Live Through This.
The trees, traditionally used by bushmen to make quivers for their arrows, have begun shifting their range southward, which some scientists say is a response to warmer climate conditions.
Wiggles and quivers originate from unlikely body parts, such as the back of the neck or behind the knee.
Rancho Safari's BC Quiver solves problems inherent to standard bow quivers that have changed little for decades.