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quiver with something

1. Lit. to shake or shiver from something, such as cold, fear, anticipation, etc. On seeing the bear, the dogs quivered with fear. Todd quivered with the cold.
2. Fig. to experience eagerness or joy. I quivered with delight when I saw the dessert. Tom quivered with eagerness as the door opened.
See also: quiver

an arrow in the quiver

one of a number of resources or strategies that can be drawn on or followed.
See also: arrow, quiver
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In this context, quiver mutation corresponds to Urban Renewal or Seiberg Duality.
George Culver's mark on the restaurant system led the organization to create an annual GM Quiver Award.
Finally, I should note that the openings to both the bow case and quiver are rimmed with rolled edging.
The man behind Quiver (not sure about the name - sounds like a 60s Californian cowboy country outfit) is Casey Greene.
Many of us quiver from time to time, touched by passing currents of doubt.
If there is no expansion in the quiver trees' range, then models forecast a 76 percent reduction in its population over the next 100 years," Foden told Reuters.
V fib--abbreviation for ventricular fibrillation; ventricles quiver instead of contract
And that's because we have more arrows in the quiver now.
The rod was much stiffer and sturdier than my float set-up and I attached the loose-fitting quiver tip to the end.
com) is a feature-packed five-bolt quiver that will fit crossbows with properly drilled and tapped stocks or quiver extension brackets.
Some take their quiver off to shoot, and others use either a hip or back quiver.
has announced a roster of premium domain names the company is selling through their domain and IP brokerage service, Name Quiver at this year's DOMAINFestGlobal[R] conference in Santa Monica, CA.
In fact, Quiver could very easily be by Elmore Leonard.
fluorescens may offer scientists trying to fight the mussels "another arrow in the quiver," says O'Neill.