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arrow in the quiver

One of several options or alternatives available. With all this varied job experience under my belt, I have more than one arrow in the quiver if this particular career path isn't to my liking. I've got a job interview next week, but I'm still handing out my résumé so that I'll have another arrow in the quiver.
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quiver with (something)

To tremble or shake because of some extreme emotion or condition. I positively quivered with anticipation as I opened up the letter from Harvard. We sat quivering with fear as the troops passed through town. The poor child was quivering with fever by the time I came home with her medicine.
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quiver with something

1. Lit. to shake or shiver from something, such as cold, fear, anticipation, etc. On seeing the bear, the dogs quivered with fear. Todd quivered with the cold.
2. Fig. to experience eagerness or joy. I quivered with delight when I saw the dessert. Tom quivered with eagerness as the door opened.
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an arrow in the quiver

one of a number of resources or strategies that can be drawn on or followed.
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The narrow bow case rests on top of the wider quiver, and both are attached to the shoulder strap.
A result of Gabriel says that a split basic algebra is hereditary precisely when it has a quiver presentation with an acyclic quiver and no relations [1].
It starts at 7.30pm, you can book on 01905 770154 and there is more about the band on quiver.org.uk and myspace.com/quiverlatinjazz
The trees, traditionally used by bushmen to make quivers for their arrows, have begun shifting their range southward, which some scientists say is a response to warmer climate conditions.
Third, a bow quiver makes it tough to lay the bow across your lap while sitting on stand with an arrow nocked.
When the electrical part of the heart goes out of whack and causes the ventricles to quiver this condition is known as:
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"And that's because we have more arrows in the quiver now.
The rod was much stiffer and sturdier than my float set-up and I attached the loose-fitting quiver tip to the end.
The CT5 also features an integrated quiver-mounting system in the riser for easy installation of G5's Sherpa quiver. The CT5 weighs 4.6 pounds, accommodates draw lengths of 241/2-30 inches and is available in peak draw weights of 40,50, 60, 65, 70 or 80 pounds.
In reading Curt Wells' great article, "The Lockdown Crawl," in your October 2017 issue, I found myself wondering why Curt would remove his quiver. It just seems to me that you would tune your bow with the quiver on, thus eliminating the need to remove it, especially in such a delicate situation.
Persistence Theory: From Quiver Representations to Data Analysis
Theorem 1 Let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] denote the cluster algebra with principal coefficients associated to the Gale-Robinson quiver of type (r, s, N).
In fact, Quiver could very easily be by Elmore Leonard.