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quit the funny stuff

To stop joking or fooling around and be serious. (Said as an imperative.) The boss told us to quit the funny stuff and get ready for the meeting. All right kids, quit the funny stuff and open your books to page 53.
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(someone) (just) doesn't know when to quit

Someone would be better off not doing something or acting a certain way because it is or may become destructive, counterproductive, futile, or undesirable. Mark keeps antagonizing the boss with little snarky quips—he just doesn't know when to quit! My wife keeps spending our money on clothes she doesn't even wear. She doesn't know when to quit! That's the third time you've berated me for not taking out the garbage. You just don't know when to quit, do you?
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quit while the going is good

To cease, end, or give up (doing) something before it becomes too difficult or the consequences become too severe. There are some reports that the market is about to take a dive, so I reckon we should quit while the going's good. Listen, kid, there's no way you can win this fight, so why don't you quit while the going is good?
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quit (something) cold turkey

To stop doing something abruptly. The phrase is most often used to describe the sudden cessation of a drug. After smoking for so long, I should have never tried to quit cold turkey—the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable. I'm so impressed that you quit gambling cold turkey!
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church ain't out till they quit singing

Something is not over yet. Yes, we've had some setbacks this season, but that's no excuse to give up. Church ain't out till they quit singing!
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Church ain't out till they quit singing.

Rur. things have not yet reached the end. Charlie: No way our team can win now. Mary: Church ain't out till they quit singing. There's another inning to go.
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Keep (on) trying.

 and Don't quit trying.
Fig. a phrase encouraging continued efforts. Jane: I think I'm doing better in calculus. John: Keep trying! You can get an A. Sue: I really want that promotion, but I keep getting turned down. Bill: Don't quit trying! You'll get it.
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quit a place

to leave a place. In the autumn, Melinda quit Paris and traveled south to warmer climes.
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quit on someone

1. [for something] to quit while someone is using it. This stupid car quit on me. I hope this thing doesn't quit on me.
2. [for one] to leave one's job, usually suddenly or unannounced. Wally, the park supervisor, quit on us at the last minute. My assistant quit on me.
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quit over someone or something

to stop working or doing something because of someone or something; to quit because of a dispute over someone or something. Please don't quit over a silly thing like that. She quit over one of her fellow workers.
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quit while one is ahead

to stop doing something while one is still successful. When will I learn to quit while I'm ahead? Get into the market. Make some money and get out. Quit while you're ahead.
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some people (just) don't know when to quit

 and some people (just) don't know when to give up; some people (just) don't know when to stop 
1. You, or someone being talked about, should stop doing something, such as talking, arguing, scolding, etc. (often directed toward the person being addressed.) Bill: I hate to say it again, but that lipstick is all wrong for you. It brings out the wrong color in your eyes, and it makes your mouth larger than it really is. Jane: Oh, stop, stop! That's enough! Some people just don't know when to quit. John: Those bushes out in the backyard need trimming. Sally: You keep criticizing! Is there no end to it? Some people don't know when to stop!
2. Some people do not know when to slow down and stop working so hard. Jane: He just kept on gambling. Finally, he had no money left. Sally: Some people don't know when to quit.
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quit while one's ahead

Don't try to improve on something that is already accomplished, as in Those drapes we hung are even enough-let's quit while we're ahead. This idiom also implies that further action runs the risk of spoiling something. Also see leave well enough alone.
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quit on

1. To stop helping or working with someone, especially when the support or assistance is needed: My friends quit on me when I really needed them.
2. To stop functioning properly for someone; give out on someone: The car's battery quit on us when we were a mile from the city. My knee quit on me in the last mile of the marathon.
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quit while one is ahead

in. to stop doing something while one is successful. Get into the market. Make some money and get out. Quit while you’re ahead.
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Quit your bellyaching!

imperative Stop complaining! You’ve been bitching all day! Quit your bellyaching!
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Public education campaign to encourage consumers to talk to their pharmacist about quitting.
Quitting also can reduce the chances of birth defects or miscarriage.
If anyone is thinking about taking part in Stoptober I'd say definitely give quitting a try.
Even if you have tried quitting before like me and failed, just give it another go and keep trying.
Many HIV clinicians may feel they do not have the training or the time to counsel their patients effectively about quitting.
As well as relieving stress and anxiety, quitting smoking will also help to give you more energy for improving your fitness.
Quitting has many bene ts, including reducing the risk of developing smoking-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease or COPD, and campaigners say it's also a great way to feel better about yourself.
Andrea Crossfield, Tobacco Free Futures chief executive, said: "I encourage every smoker in the North West to quit for Stoptober 2014 and support those quitting around them throughout their 28-day challenge.
I cannot therefore judge anyone who quits, not my mother for quitting us, not myself for judging her.
Laboratory analyses of saliva from 54 members of the intervention group and 32 in the control group showed that nearly a quarter of participants had lied about quitting.
Dr al-Mulla explained that the first step to quitting smoking is asking for assistance or obtaining further advice on handling the critical phase.
Text messages seem to give smokers the constant reminders they need to stay focused on quitting," said Lorien C Abroms, an associate professor of prevention and community health at Milken Institute SPH and lead author of the study.
You can ask about quitting aids, such as prescription anti-craving aids (Bupropion and Varenicline) and the patch.
Within the first year after quitting, they gain an average of eight to14 pounds, and some smokers report that they keep smoking simply because they do not want to gain weight from quitting.
Smokers' Helpline is a free, confidential service that provides personalized support, advice, and information about quitting smoking and tobacco use.