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quit while the going is good

To cease, end, or give up (doing) something before it becomes too difficult or the consequences become too severe. There are some reports that the market is about to take a dive, so I reckon we should quit while the going's good. Listen, kid, there's no way you can win this fight, so why don't you quit while the going is good?
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quit (something) cold turkey

To stop doing something abruptly. The phrase is most often used to describe the sudden cessation of a drug. After smoking for so long, I should have never tried to quit cold turkey—the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable. I'm so impressed that you quit gambling cold turkey!
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call it quits

1. To stop working. I've still got a few jobs to do around the ranch before I can call it quits for the day.
2. To end a partnership of some kind, often a romantic relationship. I'm so sad to hear that Mara and John called it quits—I thought those two would be together forever.
3. To abandon a particular pursuit. Luke dreamed of playing pro basketball, but he had to call it quits after a serious knee injury.
4. To acknowledge that a debt has been paid. Thank you for paying me back—now we can call it quits.
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call it quits

to quit; to resign from something; to announce that one is quitting. Okay! I've had enough! I'm calling it quits. Time to go home, John. Let's call it quits.
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call it quits

Stop working, abandon something, give up, as in John is calling it quits for now or This ground is far too stony for a garden so I'm calling it quits. This idiom comes from cry quits, dating from the 1600s and meaning "declare even" or "get even." The verb call was substituted in the late 1800s. Also see call it a day.
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call it quits

1. If you call it quits, you decide to stop doing something or stop being involved in something. The disco stays open until the last customer is ready to call it quits. He and Moira had finally called it quits.
2. If you call it quits, you agree with someone else that neither person owes the other money. I'll give you twenty pounds and we'll call it quits.
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call it quits

1 agree or acknowledge that terms are now equal, especially on the settlement of a debt. 2 decide to abandon an activity or venture, especially so as to cut your losses.
The origin of the -s in quits is uncertain: the word may be an abbreviation of the medieval Latin quittus , meaning ‘discharged’, which was used on receipts to indicate that something had been paid for. The phrase is recorded from the late 19th century, but an earlier form, cry quits , dates back to the mid 17th century.
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call it ˈquits

(informal) decide to end an argument, a disagreement, etc. at a point where both sides are equal: I know I upset you, but you said some nasty things to me too. Can’t we just call it quits and try to forget it? OPPOSITE: even the score
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ˌdouble or ˈquits

(British English) (American English ˌdouble or ˈnothing) (in gambling) a risk in which, if you lose you will have to pay twice the amount of money you owe, or if you win, will not owe anything
Quits means that two people are now equal and do not owe each other anything, especially money.
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be ˈquits (with somebody)

1 be in a position in which neither of two people owe each other money any more: If I give you $10, then we’re quits, aren’t we?
2 have done something unpleasant to somebody who did something unpleasant to you: He crashed my motorbike last year and now I’ve crashed his car, so we’re quits.
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call it quits

To stop working or trying; quit.
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