quite the little

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quite the little (something)

Having all, most, or a lot of the qualities particular to a certain thing or type of person. The word "little" conveys an amount of irony or condescension. Look at you, fixing the dishwasher on your own. Quite the little handyman, aren't you? Wow, Sam raised $500 selling chocolate bars? She's become quite the little entrepreneur, hasn't she?
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quite the little —

used when ironically or condescendingly recognizing that someone has a particular quality or accomplishment.
1995 John Banville Athena She was being quite the little home-maker, all bustle and frown.
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So it's a tour of the city and thanks to our willingness to accept the word of any tour guide as gospel, I've managed to develop quite the little outing.
This being Hannah's third formal tea, her mom, Suzanne Henderson, remarked, "She's getting to be quite the little tea person.
Inevitably torn between two cultures, and not quite the little angel her parents would have hoped for, she looks up to local 'It Girl' Anita Rutter, who not only looks Fab, but runs a local gang called The Wenches.
Meet one of Boro's tiniest fans - quite the little star looking forward to getting his own brand new strip.
There's quite the little collection of his tracks on the event's Facebook page, so head on over here and get a listen to his brand of disco and house that is as deep as whale droppings.
Yet at the weekend we popped round to visit his cousins, Rachel and baby Amanda, and he was quite the little gentleman.