quite a/some somebody/something

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quite a something

definitely something; a good example of something. The captain of the swim team is quite a swimmer. That's quite a bruise you have there.
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ˈquite a/some somebody/something

(informal) used to show that you think somebody/something is impressive, unusual, remarkable, etc: That’s quite some swimming pool you’ve got there. It’s huge!We found it quite a change when we moved abroad.
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BAD The instructions were quite lengthy and tough to follow so it took quite some time to get into the scoring and marking etc.
It is looking brighter than it has for quite some time,'' said Chris Eftychiou, spokesman for the Long Beach Unified School District.
But the multicolored square, with its glazed surface (Eixen looks more like opaque, kaleidoscopically patterned glass than a painting on linen) is the most effective psychedelic image I've come across in quite some time.
This work evokes comparison to John Blassingame's Black New Orleans, 1860-1880 (1973), and similarly, Powers' study is likely to be the preeminent work on Charleston's Black population for quite some time.
Leon: The concept of the "special care unit" has been around for quite some time but within the last ten years, facilities all over the country have started to develop them.
As mentioned, certain "holes" have existed in the cash-equals-earnings concept for quite some time, but those holes, unlike the hole created by OPEB, do not present investment dilemmas like the following.
Clearly, security will remain an issue for quite some time, and as new threats continue to emerge, technological innovations will play an even greater role in our preparation and defense.
With a little luck, ``The Night Listener'' -- opening Friday -- could end up one of those sleeper buzz flicks that moviegoers could be dissecting and debating for quite some time.
It's an excellent showcase for the 26-year-old actress, and she's needed to do something this demanding for quite some time now.