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quip about (someone or something)

To make witty, pithy, or snide jokes about someone or something. The two brothers sat in the corner quipping about the various guests their parents had invited. I'm glad you're able to keep quipping about such a dreadful situation, Susan!
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quip about someone or something

to joke about someone or something. The kids were quipping about the principal's hairpiece. It is rude to quip about an elderly person.
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What's your favourite quip - write to Chronicle Newsdesk, Groat Market, Newcastle, NE1 1ED or visit chroniclelive
Half were told the quips belonged to a well-known comedian such as Jimmy Carr, Paul Merton or Ricky Gervais.
This doesn't rule out the possibility of a mummy's curse, he quips. The ancient Egyptians left written curses on the outside of several tombs, but not on King Tut's, he notes.--C.M.
That such a profane act (with accompanying quips and laughter) would occur while the Mass had not yet concluded is representative of the attitude towards the sacred which characterizes St.
In early October the alt-weekly newspaper Phoenix New Times "busted" Howard Seftel, a restaurant critic at the Arizona Republic who formerly wrote for New Times, for recycling his puns, quips and in some cases whole leads.
Seftel suggests that Dempsey's column "is a hook to publish my picture." He says that the puns and quips he often uses distinguish him as a writer.
These are puns, quips and cartoons about various members of the medical profession, written in a light-hearted manner.
(He also rattled off a few quips about Dole being in the testing pool.)
- with disclaimers, jokes, and quips. He didn't even mention Chris Caldwell's article in the June Atlantic Monthly, "The Southern Captivity of the GOP," which, it seems to me, frames the issue well.
"It literally cost me every penny I had," he quips. But a year later the handbag store was closed down by city officials and McCray was on the hunt again for a new location.
C'mon guys, enough!"Her followers agreed, saying there were "too many" quips, that were "dull now".
"Tips & Quips for the Family Historian" is an inherently compelling compendium bon mots and wise words for everyone who pursues genealogy as a hobby or a profession.
The writer who came up with that quip isn't named, but this show traces how Alas Smith And Jones gave a leg-up to a host of Mel and Griff's Oxbridge chums.