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quip about (someone or something)

To make witty, pithy, or snide jokes about someone or something. The two brothers sat in the corner quipping about the various guests their parents had invited. I'm glad you're able to keep quipping about such a dreadful situation, Susan!
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quip about someone or something

to joke about someone or something. The kids were quipping about the principal's hairpiece. It is rude to quip about an elderly person.
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"This is the most honest interview I've ever had in my life," quipped O'Brien at the end of the interview.
Who would squat so low?) German late-night talk show host Anke Engelke quipped that Luther's 95 Theses "were originally supposed to be 100, but he ran out of paper."
"We might call him a middle-of-the-road, anonymous fence-straddler," Michaels quipped.
Sinclair's role is so crucial to the ensemble's success that Archbishop Michael Peers has quipped "I'd like to express appreciation to all four of the Three Cantors.")
When she said "to get a drink", he quipped: "You have to be careful about drinking around me."
Taking the stage, he quipped: "It's great to be back in England.
Talking about his musical partner, Vince Clarke, Bell quipped, "We are like a married couple, actually ...
But 38-year-old Brendan, from Co Cavan, took it on the chin and quipped yesterday: "To be honest I don't even know what band Rachel Stevens is in.
Upon hearing the producer's comment, Fierstein quipped, "Howard loves this play so much that the way he's able to deal with it is by saying, `Well, it's not really gay.' With Torch Song, gay is what comes first!"
Challenged to a cucumber eating contest by Matt, she quipped: "I want a meal not a snack." He responded: "See you in 5."
Upon being sentenced to eight days on Welfare Island, West quipped, "I expect it will be the malting of me." The rest, as they say, is her story.
She quipped on the Ray D'Arcy Show on Today FM: "They [Pat and Claire] are both very good looking.
The drag queen took one look at Liza and, mistaking her for a fellow gendr illusionist, quipped, "Keep trying, honey."
She said: "I'd love to see him perform with thousands of see him perform with thoravers going nuts." " But the 5ft pop princeravers going nuts." " But the 5ft pop princess is not such a huge fan of 6ft 2ins Professora huge fan of 6ft 2ins ProGreen, who quipped abousing the microphone staGreen, who quipped about a midget using the microphone stand.
The singer, 26, quipped: "If I S nice Gaga taking e censorship of her shows d the usly.quipped: "If I n Manila, ail me out."