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quip about (someone or something)

To make witty, pithy, or snide jokes about someone or something. The two brothers sat in the corner quipping about the various guests their parents had invited. I'm glad you're able to keep quipping about such a dreadful situation, Susan!
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quip about someone or something

to joke about someone or something. The kids were quipping about the principal's hairpiece. It is rude to quip about an elderly person.
See also: quip
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Quip had a pair of wins last year before staggering to a seventh-place showing in the Grade 2 Kentucky Jockey Club at Churchill Downs in November.
Acting as his own headhunter, he recruited Mike Genova from a local pool distribution house to help transition Aqua Quip into the retail spa business.
The launch of quip Labs enables the company to forward the advancement and improvement of oral health through accessibility, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Quip is heavily influenced by the interactive aspect of Facebook.
LineOne and Quip.co.uk have launched their joint free Internet access offering for users signing up to LineOne's special deal.
What are we to make of this little quip, now making the rounds of the talk shows?
Kate could barely hold back her laughs at Ben's shocking remark, at which even he was surprised, as Martin weighed in with another quip which could barely be heard above the cackles.
His "virgin" quip was named football's top one-liner in the survey.
Sir paul McCartney relied on his Auntie Dilys to help him out of a hiccup after making a quip that likened Wales to a "Third World country".
Unisys Corp has provided web integration and systems automation services to Quip!, a new UK web-based telephony service targeted at the residential market.
The actor, who starred in the classic Terminator movie franchise, had the perfect quip for a Facebook fan who disapproved of his support for the legislation of gay marriage.
He made the quip while talking about how his campaigning Channel 4 show Jamie's Fowl Dinners had gone down around the world.