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quip about someone or something

to joke about someone or something. The kids were quipping about the principal's hairpiece. It is rude to quip about an elderly person.
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They exchange quips and are still have girl trouble; Dad rails against change and insults his progeny incessantly.
3%, together with accrued and unpaid dividends up to, but excluding, the November 30, 2006, redemption date, will be made to registered holders of the QUIPS as of the record date of November 15, 2006.
9 billion senior unsecured debt, its $750 million revolving bank credit facility, its $750 million commercial paper program, and $437 million of QUIPS.
By redeeming the QUIPS prior to maturity, the Company expects to reduce its interest expense by approximately $10.
NYSE: URI) today announced that it is soliciting consents for amendments to the indentures governing its bonds and QUIPs securities which would allow the company additional time to make certain SEC filings.
Gavin Lewis, Head of Corporate Finance of MEPC Limited said, "This program will enable us to continue purchasing QUIPS in the market from time to time, which we believe should be beneficial both to the company and to QUIPS investors.
The redemption of the QUIPS may be canceled by EIX at any time on or prior to the redemption date.