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In-cabin quietness has been improved based on research into human hearing, resulting in lower noise levels and higher-quality quietness.
In addition to raising visual and tactile quality in areas such as design and craftsmanship, the team worked to enhance fundamental vehicle attributes, such as handling stability, ride feel and cabin quietness, that relate to the quality feel of the ride or drive.
Laxamana gave a glimpse of what the film is about and shared how Saga, Japan's 'brand of quietness,' served as inspiration for him to write the story.
However, it is the artificial world of our own creating which employs most of our energy and interests, yet how pathetically we hope for peace and quietness for our green island.
Stepping inside the Margo Veillon Gallery hall at its first exhibition feels like a leap into a peaceful and a calming world, where people are only surrounded with portraits, sculptures, music, quietness, and peace.
It is a good place for those who crave the quietness of solitude, picnics, a get-together and time out with friends.
The short service will include music, reflections and quietness.
Kaira demanded PML-N to issue explanation over its supremo's mysterious quietness. However, he announced PPP's support for candidates of PML-N in Senate by-polls.
It's a car that eats up the miles in terms of comfort, quietness and performance and really does spoil you.
The HondaJet Elite has a newly developed attenuating inlet structure that lines each engine to reduce high-frequency noise and increase cabin quietness. CPI Aero worked under the guidance of the Honda program team to learn the new bonding processes for the inlets.
Refresher training for steadiness to shot and fall and quietness in the blind should be done before taking the dog hunting for snows.
Patrick Shen's hypnotic documentary, shot around the world, seeks to explore both the scientific and psychological concepts of silence, and posits the idea that we should treat quietness like a kind of natural resource--a steadily dwindling one, in an increasingly cluttered and cacophonous world.
Download Lebanese newspapers' headlines for 20/6/2017 NNA - Following are some of Lebanon's newspapers' headlines, for Tuesday, June 20, 2017: ADDIYAR: Hezbollah-Future "Chemistrys" back, paves way for Hariri-Nasrallah meeting Baabda moves towards quietness LF mediates between Hariri, Jumblatt AL-MOUSTAQBAL: Extraordinary session opens on June 21 till October 16 Aoun looks for "productive work", Hariri pushes for "developmental areas" Thursday's meeting: "decentralization", "senate", "abolition of sectarianism" AL-AKHBAR: Proportional vote law cancels Taef, Doha agreement together AL-JOUMHOURIYA: Aoun calls Nasrallah for Thursday meeting and FPM asks about "magnetic cards" fate THE DAILY STAR: Syria tension rise as Russia, Iran send U.S.
This year in Courtyard by Marriott has prepared several options for our dearest guests: whether dinner with your family, friends or traditional food just within a quietness of your room.
This sort of thing creates more traffic and general rubbish in an area that is popular with walkers, runners and those enjoying a bit of quietness from the main bustle of the Bay.