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Quietly has been a wonderful servant to Reilly and owners the KSS Syndicate, but as the trainer says: "He's getting close to the end.
When you finish, sit quietly for several minutes, with your eyes closed.
Quietly, quietly, we stood looking at Tu Fu's writing table, the size of a coffee table.
HTC worked with London-based creative consultancy, FigTree to create the quietly brilliant brand positioning.
Summary: Is the Federal Reserve quietly moving up the time table for rate hikes?
lt;strong>Chinese schools quietly discard controversial Web filter</strong>
The RapidVac[TM] Smoke Evacuator System is a powerful, efficient device that quietly filters airborne contaminants from the operating room environment.
2 : to move or advance slowly, timidly, or quietly <Moving quietly, I crept halfway down the stairs and listened.
I quietly whispered to Wyatt telling him what we were hearing.
Researchers measured blood pressure, heart rate, and blood vessel dilation in nine healthy subjects as they stood quietly, as they lay awake on a bed, and as they napped.
has quietly dropped out of an International study comparing students in math and science proficiency.
As Dylan Thomas once said, "do not go quietly into that good night".
Teachers should stop telling children to sit quietly in class because many pupils learn from talking to each other, research suggested yesterday.
whispered the communications director as the two cemetery men stepped up with shovels and began to quietly cover the bishop.
So the women quietly announced they were closing down, planning to liquidate Gaia's assets and pay off their loan balance over the 90-day period they thought was guaranteed by their contract with Heartland.