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With environmental concerns becoming increasingly important, which includes minimising the noise created on-site, it's our generators that are leading the way in terms of being the quietest on the market.
8-inch hard drives are among the quietest on the market today, with just 1.
Customers operating GP7200-powered A380 aircraft have enjoyed the merits of the quietest, most reliable, and most fuel efficient engine for the A380.
2 properties on average over the past three months, making it the quietest period for sales since June 2009.
Caldo insists his Dons are the quietest team he has ever worked with.
Top was London (1,200) and the quietest region was the north east (50).
It ended with the quietest of hits, a sharp groundball through the right side of the infield that would have been an inning-ending double play had it been hit a few feet to the left or right.
It was the quietest day of the year and the quietest Christmas since at least 1997.
The level of deafness is defined according to the quietest sound that can be heard, measured in decibels.
I'm afraid they put us to shame, as it was the quietest I have ever heard the Kop
It's not only faster, it is also the quietest Range Rover to be built to date.
THE loyalist marching season in the North yesterday got off to one of its quietest and most peaceful starts for years.
They just seem to stroll around at the quietest part of the day and do nothing.
New seismometers near the South Pole reveal that the area is the quietest spot on the planet for eavesdropping on earthquakes.
In addition, the Travelstar provides users with a superior audio experience by continuing its leadership as the quietest mobile hard drive; the new drive reduced operating acoustics by as much as four decibels from its previous generation.