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quid pro quo

A favor done for someone in exchange for a favor in return. This Latin phrase means "something for something." You wash my car, and I'll drop off your dry cleaning—quid pro quo. Our company has a specific policy against quid pro quo, to prevent unfair treatment and harassment.
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be quids in

slang To be able to profit or gain from something. ("Quid" is a slang term for the British pound.) We'll be quids in if that company buys our software!
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be not the full quid

slang To be a bit crazy or wacky. Primarily heard in Australia. He's not the full quid if he thinks that plan is going to work. Of course he's not the full quid—he's wearing pajamas at the beach!
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for quids

Under any conditions or in any situation. Often used in the negative. If there are bugs in your basement, then I'm not going down there for quids!
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quid pro quo

An equal exchange or substitution, as in I think it should be quid pro quo-you mow the lawn and I'll take you to the movies. This Latin expression, meaning "something for something," has been used in English since the late 1500s.
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quids in

If you are quids in, you make or have more money than you expected. Workers soon cheered up when they realised that being paid in euros had left them quids in. Note: `Quid' is an informal word for a pound sterling.
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be quids in

be in a position where you have profited or are likely to profit from something. British informal
Quids is only found in this phrase, the normal plural being quid .
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not the full quid

not very intelligent. Australian & New Zealand informal
As an informal term for a pound sterling (or, in former times, a sovereign or guinea) quid dates from the late 17th century: its origins are unknown. Compare with not the full shilling (at shilling).
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not the full ˈquid

(AustralE, New Zealand, informal) not very intelligent: George always looks to me like he’s not the full quid. OPPOSITE: all there
A quid is an informal word for one pound in British money.
See also: full, not, quid

ˌquid pro ˈquo

(from Latin) a thing that is given in return for something else: The management have agreed to begin pay talks as a quid pro quo for suspension of strike action.
The meaning of the Latin phrase is ‘something for something’.
See also: pro, quid, quo

quids ˈin

(British English, informal) in a position of having made a profit, especially a good profit: I’ve just received three cheques so we’re quids in at the moment.
A quid is an informal word for one pound in money.
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More than 80 blue-chip companies have become Quid customers since the launch of its web platform in January 2014, including management consulting firms, media agencies, and other leading enterprises.
34) The Fifth Circuit first explicitly described this requirement as a quid pro quo in United States v.
If the nature of the sexual harassment was quid pro quo, the employer had no defense to the claim.
HARM'S WAY While the carcinogenic effects of betel chewing seem clear, scientists are still working to figure out how various components in areca nuts and the typical betel quid induce damage.
The factual predicates in many cases could be characterized interchangeably as either hostile work environment or quid pro quo harassment.
Double Dipping, Triple Dipping, Quid Pro Quo Nepotism: all breed more greed and mediocrity at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.
On appeal, the Seventh Circuit reversed, holding that Ives's abuse of Venters constituted quid pro quo harassment.
What REASON said on quid pro quo harassment: Jones claims [she was given] a job transfer and failed to receive merit pay increases in retaliation for having turned Clinton down.
These days, 600 quid will furnish you with a machine capable of running Microsoft Office 97, which is all 90 per cent of PCs are ever asked to do.
Hinc iam deposito post vina rosasque pudore, quid dicat nescit saucia Terpsichore:
If this is the case and the payment for membership dues exceeds $75, the quid pro quo contribution disclosure rules will apply.
The legislative history of OBRA explains that Congress was concerned with quid pro quo "donations" that, while deducted as charitable contributions, in reality constituted a payment for goods and services.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Quid, the artificial intelligence company that accelerates research and insights to address the world's most complex issues, announced today that it has closed a $39 million Series D.
That means you will be 95 quid better off if you buy the PlayStation and around 400 quid better off if you buy neither.
So, anywhere offering odds of 20,000/1 might be worth a quid or two - it could provide a nice little nest egg in 20 years or so.