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Pocket Quicken can be used as a standalone personal finance manager with basic report capabilities.
Pocket Quicken Connect -- Pocket Quicken Connect for Windows or Macintosh is available for $29.
Called the Quicken Financial Solutions, these products are aimed at not only helping people manage finances faster and easier, but also helping people make better, smarter financial decisions.
Organizes All Expenses - Pocket Quicken tracks and categorizes all spending, including checking, ATM transactions, credit cards and cash.
Up-to-the-Minute Information - Pocket Quicken provides instant access to up-to-date financial information.
Business Travel Expense Tracking - Pocket Quicken makes it easy to track business travel expenses.
Pocket Quicken instantly provides up-to-date spending information to help users make the right financial decisions on-the-spot.
Pocket Quicken on BOOKMAN includes everything needed to easily send Pocket Quicken data to desktop Quicken.
Pocket Quicken on BOOKMAN adds a new dimension of portability to Quicken, said Michael Strange, Franklin executive vice president.
With Quicken 2001's new Smart Reconcile, Missed Bill Reminder and improved Online Statement Download features, staying on top of bills and account balances from anywhere has never been easier.
Through Quicken 2001's improved Online Banking Setup, users can get online and start banking faster than ever before.
With Quicken 2001's improved tax tools, consumers can take more control of their tax situation.
To help consumers get more out of their 401(k) plans and feel more confident about making changes to it, Quicken 2001 Deluxe users can now access Quicken 401(k) Advisor via Quicken.
And for those consumers thinking about a new home, college for the kids or retirement, Quicken makes it even easier to prepare for major financial decisions with its step-by-step life event planning tools on the Web.