quick one

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quick one

A brief stop or break to have an alcoholic beverage. Let's stop by the bar for a quick one before we go home. I'm not looking to stay at the bar all night. Let's just grab a quick one before we go to the game.
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quick one, a

An alcoholic drink to be consumed rapidly, as in We have time for a quick one before we board the plane. [c. 1920]
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a ˈquick one

(British English, informal) a drink, usually alcoholic, which you have a short time for before doing something else: Have you got time for a quick one before your train goes?
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quick one

and quickie
1. n. a quick drink of booze; a single beer consumed rapidly. I could use a quickie about now.
2. n. a quick sex act. (Usually objectionable.) They’re in the bedroom having a quick one.
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I want you to find The Quick One; to follow The Quick One to the ends of the earth; to set the whole infernal official machinery at work like a dragnet across the nations, and jolly well recapture The Quick One.
Marek Jankulovski scored the crucial goal in 15 minutes when he played a quick one two with Jan Polak before skipping past Richard Dunne and beating Shay Given.
Question: If the wean had arrived 20 minutes late, would the mother have been entitled to free garlic bread#A QUICK one for those of you who remember a certain incident in the late Eighties involving a former Rangers boss and St Johnstone legend Aggie Moffat.
The old me would have seen that as being unfaithful - but the new, hip me realises it means having a quick one on a bar stool in the pub while hubby's in the corner playing darts
His last two runs haven't been great, but we gave him two quick ones and I don't think it suited him.
The ten hilarious short stories in A Few Quick Ones are vintage Wodehouse romantic farces and situational mix-up tales.
Good luck Russell, we will support you but you are going to need every bit of luck going to sort this mess out Barry Cole Slade needs results and quick ones at that, if the players rally to him who knows
POLICE hunting the killers of a man and his beauty queen ex-wife shot dead in Venezuela were last night quizzing a gang known as The Quick Ones.
I just love wingers; quick ones, like Villa's Ashley Young, elegant ones like Tottenham's David Bentley, tiny little ones with wicked tricks, like Wayne Routledge, once of Tottenham, now of Villa.
POLICE hunting the killers of a British businessman and his beauty queen ex-wife in Venezuela are quizzing a violent gang known as The Quick Ones.
Ponting further said: "As a batting group you know in this part of the world that starting your innings can be really difficult, so whenever you've got partnerships going you've got to make sure you get big partnerships, knowing there's a chance you can lose a couple of quick ones once that's over.
If you get the wrong side you get some really quick ones.