quick one

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quick one

A brief stop or break to have an alcoholic beverage. Let's stop by the bar for a quick one before we go home. I'm not looking to stay at the bar all night. Let's just grab a quick one before we go to the game.
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quick one, a

An alcoholic drink to be consumed rapidly, as in We have time for a quick one before we board the plane. [c. 1920]
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a ˈquick one

(British English, informal) a drink, usually alcoholic, which you have a short time for before doing something else: Have you got time for a quick one before your train goes?
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quick one

and quickie
1. n. a quick drink of booze; a single beer consumed rapidly. I could use a quickie about now.
2. n. a quick sex act. (Usually objectionable.) They’re in the bedroom having a quick one.
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Until the entry of the Turk in the turban, with his teetotal lecturer, there did not seem to have been much custom of any kind, except for the commercial travelers who came in to take what they called "quick ones"; and they seemed to have moved together, like Wordsworth's Cloud; there was a slight difference of opinion between the boy outside and the men inside about whether one of them had not been abnormally quick in obtaining a quick one, and come out on the doorstep by himself; but the manager and the barman had no memory of any such independent individual.
"Having woken her, he suggested that they should have another quick one > TURN TO PAGE 2
JUST a quick one for those who seem to hold the view that the League of Wales is even better than the Nationwide League.
QUICK one for the Have I Got News For How some don't around Eric fat?
This week's quick one comes from the very talented Mo Kenny who is releasing her debut album in Ireland today.
She also pulled a quick one on Sheen by writing: "I'm keeping my fingers, eyes and butt (because it's big enough now) crossed for your success." (ANI)
`A Quick One' was one of the first songs in Pete Townsend's rock opera endeavors.
"My immediate thoughts are with Andrew and I'm pleased to hear that his recovery is expected to be a relatively quick one," Wilson said.
1 Which Summer Pops band recorded the album A Quick One While He's Away?
Sink a pint of beer - if it's a quick one? Run a mile, perhaps?
On a pitch offering early assistance to the bowlers despite the brightening conditions, Adrian Dale managed only 18 before being bowled by a quick one from Simon Cook and David Hemp went in a similar fashion to Aaron Laraman to leave the visitors struggling at 77-3 at tea.
"He has been out so long we thought we would give him a nice quick one to start back, so we are putting him on our show in Carnival City in early August over eight rounds against a selected opponent.
9 Who recorded the mini rock opera A Quick One While He's Away?
"My last fight was a quick one, he wasn't a bad boy but I caught him just right and I felt it was a good performance.
According to Debbie, Perrie, 20, says: "I don't want a long engagement but I don't want a quick one either." We'll get our hats.