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She was quick at understanding the grandmothers who spoke no English, and the most reticent and distrustful of them would tell her their story without realizing they were doing so.
'He's as quick sometimes--I don't mean with his hands, for that you know, but with his head--as you or any man,' said Hugh.
'If we mean the same gentleman, as I suppose we do,' Hugh rejoined softly, 'I tell you this--he's as good and quick information about everything as--' here he paused and looked round, as if to make sure that the person in question was not within hearing, 'as Old Nick himself.
The next moment he could have bitten out his tongue for her quick question was:--
Joe's quick eye saw the opening, and he smashed straight out upon Ponta's mouth, following instantly with a half swing, half hook, for the jaw.
The young squire was leaning forward, gazing at the stirring and martial scene, when he heard a short, quick gasp at his shoulder, and there was the Lady Maude, with her hand to her heart, leaning up against the wall, slender and fair, like a half-plucked lily.
A quick cross-fire of greetings and questions and rough West Saxon jests flew from rank to rank, or were bandied about betwixt the marching archers and the gazing crowd.
'Any request you can make--Except,' Clennam was quick with his exception, for his partner's face was quick in suggesting it,
Mr Baptist approached, followed every word with his quick eyes, saw and heard it all out with the greatest impatience, then clapped his two hands flat upon the bill as if he had fiercely caught some noxious creature, and cried, looking eagerly at Clennam, 'It is the man!
The Poodle, to show that he understood, wagged his silk-covered tail two or three times and set off at a quick pace.
The moment, however, that he was inside, he gave a quick look around him.
Adam was himself usually a quick shot, but this time his mind had been on something else and he was not ready.
He seized it with his left hand, with a quick pull and twist wrenched it off, and grinningly tossed it, as a joke, into the pandanus basket which still his wife with one hand held before him while with the other she clutched her forehead bleeding from a flying fragment of pistol.
Quick as Bashti had been, Van Horn was almost as quick, but not quite quick enough.
With a resolute ignoring of that fearsome darkness to the right and to the left, Pollyanna drew a quick breath and pattered straight into that silvery path, and on to the window.