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A man who lacks or does not conform to stereotypical masculine characteristic; an effeminate male. (From the book Real Men Don't Eat Quiche (1982) by Bruce Feirstein.) Well, it's no surprise that a quiche-eater like yourself won't put up a fight when his honor is being insulted! So I'm considered a quiche-eater just because I don't swill beer all day and hold sexist opinions?

real men don't eat quiche

A phrase that highlights the belief that men should eat meat and other traditionally masculine foods, rather than more delicate foods like quiche (a savory pie-like dish made from eggs). Come on, real men don't eat quiche! How about a nice steak instead?
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The quiche was her only purchase and she spent several minutes arguing with the Tesco worker.
The quiche was great and packed with flavour plus being able to choose my own salad made a nice change.
Asda Extra Special Quiche DavidstowCheddar and Onion, 400g, pounds 2.
Take a palette knife and lift the strips on to the quiche, arranging them in a cartwheel pattern, return to the oven for five minutes until the cheese is just beginning to melt.
This was our favourite variety out of the three quiches tested - despite the fact that it contained (marginally) the most calories and fat.
Chicken, bacon and mushroom quiche, 425g, pounds 1.
Gorcy offers a Sea Food Quiche in a package of two 150-gram pastries (15.
NPD Chef, Paul Hunt explained that: "At Classic Cuisine we continuously look at a variety of trends and we have noticed the resurgence of nostalgic dishes like quiches, roulades and terrines.
For the quiche filling, in a small pan add some oil and cook down the onions with the garlic and curry powder.
Following a competitive tender process, Riverside Bakery chose UK freezing and chilling equipment specialist Starfrost to supply a spiral chiller for the new quiche line.
It said: "Age-related prompts at tills are set centrally, not in individual stores, and there obviously is not one on quiche.
For instance, there was the first quiche I ever made for the family.
Sprinkle remaining 1/4 cup cheese evenly over top of quiche.
Using your fingers press the pastry into an oiled 18cm/7in round quiche dish.