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A man who lacks or does not conform to stereotypical masculine characteristic; an effeminate male. (From the book Real Men Don't Eat Quiche (1982) by Bruce Feirstein.) Well, it's no surprise that a quiche-eater like yourself won't put up a fight when his honor is being insulted! So I'm considered a quiche-eater just because I don't swill beer all day and hold sexist opinions?

real men don't eat quiche

A phrase that highlights the belief that men should eat meat and other traditionally masculine foods, rather than more delicate foods like quiche (a savory pie-like dish made from eggs). Come on, real men don't eat quiche! How about a nice steak instead?
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SCORE: 5/5 Handcrafted Lochmuir Smoked Salmon & Creme |Fraiche Quiche (130g), Marks & Spencer, PS2.
The combination of buttery shortcrust pastry with a spiced cheesy filling makes this quiche mouthwatering.
Shortly she returned with what I hoped was the quiche I now craved and added at no extra charge: "The owner checked and says that they labeled the boxes wrong.
In response to consumer health trends, the quiches offer a better-for-you health profile, made with 100% egg whites.
6 THE GOLDEN FINISH Carefully pour the egg mixture over the filling and place your quiche in the oven for 25 mintues until it does not wobble and the cheese has lightly browned
Into an 8- or 9-inch quiche plate or pie plate, stir together 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour, 1 teaspoon sugar and 3/4 teaspoon salt.
When the war ended in 1996--leaving more than 100,000 widows and 250,000 orphans IFAD started working with organizations such as the National Peace Fund (FONAPAZ) to help reintegrate war victims into mainstream society, In an effort to provide farmers in the rough and rugged El Quiche region with the tools and training they need to transform their operations into viable businesses, IFAD-supported projects are leveraging private-sector partnerships and looking across value chains from production to processing, marketing and ultimately to consumption.
The 74-year-old, who suffered from Parkinson's for 15 years and was wheelchairbound, was asked if she wanted sandwiches or quiche for tea.
Chef Henk van Gurp, who created recipes for mealworm quiche and chocolate pralines with buffalo worms, sees no reason to disguise the ingredients, and sprinkles mealworms on top of the quiche filling and onto the chocolate buffalo worms as protein.
I told her I was certain the proof of age laws do not apply to quiche but she just said: 'We have to be really strict now and this applies to quiche bought over the counter.
Pour the quiche filling into the crust, place on a cookie sheet, and allow to bake for 10-15 minutes or until the crust is golden and a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.
DELICIOUS: For a seasonal treat try Stephen Jackson's asparagus quiche
Husband Dave opted for the sausage and mushroom quiche with chips.
Escargots, baked brie with herbs, pate du jour, croque madame and monsieur sandwiches, quiche lorraine, chopped steak (various ways) and the Grand Marnier souffle are recommended.