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quibble over (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) over or about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble over the details. The couple was just quibbling with one another over the bill, much to their waiter's consternation.
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quibble about (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble about the details. The couple stood quibbling about the bill, much to the waiter's consternation.
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quibble (about someone or something) (with someone)

 and quibble (over someone or something) (with someone)
to be argumentative or contentious with someone about someone or something. Let's not quibble about it. Please don't quibble with your sister. No need to quibble over it.
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BE GOOD: Whatever quibbles I may have with particular choices, kudos to the academy for overwhelmingly opting for thoughtful, daring, modestly scaled but ambitiously themed productions over bloated commercial efforts, sentimental manipulators and razzle-dazzle entertainments.
These are, however, quibbles, and one can be reasonably confident that the thoughts expressed are largely Conway's.
No one quibbles about the installation of the traffic signal - saving lives is obviously a top city priority - but so is easing traffic congestion.
These are quibbles, however, of a less than fatal sort; the collection remains an important volume for scholar and student alike, and a tribute to the enduring contributions of its authors.
But these are quibbles with an engaging study of the politics of early modern scholarship and manuscript culture by a gifted postmodern scholar of the archives.
Such quibbles aside, students of quattrocento rhetoric and history will find an impressive wealth of insight and information in these essays, and will be grateful to the publisher for assembling them in a convenient, if expensive, volume.
But then the starting gates open and all quibbles are left behind.
Two quibbles may nevertheless be mentioned: the index is rudimentary, and the authors of the catalogue entries are at times hard to identify (see the Contents for authors' names).
But when a movie has as many on- target jokes as this one does, such quibbles aren't all that important.
Patristic scholars, Byzantinists and medievalists will all have their small quibbles.
Overall, he said, the city had just technical quibbles with the document.
Such quibbles hardly detract from the usefulness of the volume, however, which forms a timely and informative compendium of texts related to the Columbian quincentenary.