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quibble over (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) over or about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble over the details. The couple was just quibbling with one another over the bill, much to their waiter's consternation.
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quibble about (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble about the details. The couple stood quibbling about the bill, much to the waiter's consternation.
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quibble (about someone or something) (with someone)

 and quibble (over someone or something) (with someone)
to be argumentative or contentious with someone about someone or something. Let's not quibble about it. Please don't quibble with your sister. No need to quibble over it.
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These are small quibbles in this strong collection that is her testament of faith in a world that tests that faith constantly.
These quibbles aside, it is a novel of considerable power and technical skill.
But this material is so much our area of expertise, so dear to our hearts that we all think we could have done better, and have our quibbles about what was missed (more Dorothy Lamour!
Two last quibbles. In Kushner's world, with few exceptions, males are businessmen (therefore unfulfilled), and women are housewives (therefore unfulfilled).
Even with these minor quibbles, Science at the Borders is a valuable contribution that should be of great interest to historians of American immigration, medicine, labor, industry, and progressivism.
But these really are mere quibbles. Libertines and Radicals is exquisite and often wonderful: a genital epic for our ancestors.
Aside from these quibbles, though, this is an excellent reference source for school and public libraries.
Bacon s scholarship illuminates many such points and I have only a few quibbles. She does not fully tie together his authoritarian ideas and practices; she overlooks his painting and underrates his wildly inspiring wit.
These quibbles aside, Long has presented a compelling picture of shifting ideas about race, gender, respectability, and sexuality in that Great Southern Babylon.
But these are quibbles about an otherwise excellent contextual study.
(The armoury had the same problem with an armful of swords.) But such quibbles are mercifully rare.
Such quibbles aside, National Bolshevism deserves praise for shedding new light on the evolution of Russian identity and significantly advancing our understanding of the Stalinist state and its popular underpinnings.
My only quibbles concern the emphasis placed on certain aspects of the arguments.
I have but two minor quibbles. Firstly, while the case studies are comprehensive, as a Hispanist, I was disappointed at the absence of references to the prominent Castilian statesman and prelate, Alfonso de Cartagena (1384-1456).