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quibble over (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) over or about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble over the details. The couple was just quibbling with one another over the bill, much to their waiter's consternation.
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quibble about (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble about the details. The couple stood quibbling about the bill, much to the waiter's consternation.
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quibble (about someone or something) (with someone)

 and quibble (over someone or something) (with someone)
to be argumentative or contentious with someone about someone or something. Let's not quibble about it. Please don't quibble with your sister. No need to quibble over it.
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But this quibble apart, the book is a concise and useful introduction to straw bale building wherever you are.
One might quibble at first with the editors' assertion that "most people understand that race is a social construction and not a biological truth.
You might quibble with the terminology (I do), but everything is accurately notated, down to the musical count.
While long-time fans will quibble over the absence of some tracks, be they Two Halves Of A whole (1988), The Leap O' Faith (1993), Devil Music (1995), or Ride With Me (1998), the 17 songs that made it are an effective cross-section of the huge talents of a real treasure.
If any quibble can be made about Marling's lively and informative text, it is that we now need a richer visual context for his art, including such transatlantic parallels as the Swede Carl Larsson's popular illustrations of domestic bliss.
One could quibble about the omission of the most radical extensions (in particular, Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan's far more tuneful rearrangement of "Feel Up").
I might quibble with that litany of gifts and aim to give other sorts, but I much admire the giving, and I think it the essence of this ancient and modern, lovely and powerful, Catholic habit.
On opening night, there was little to quibble about.
My main quibble is that I'd like to see more emphasis on buying new material.
I do have one quibble with Weber's portrayal of lift in Queens--apartments in Rochdale Village are not tiny.
It is also possible to quibble with her introduction of port de bras.
That quibble aside, the book's most serious conclusion is a useful one: The Republicans' success in taking control of Congress may carry with it the seeds of its own downfall.
After an elegant riff like that, it probably seems trivial to quibble with Last Chance.
Martin and Ragas won't quibble about the recent gains they have seen in MCF, but they are still in a "show me the money" mode when it comes to the Fayetteville Shale Play.
This would solve their quibble with the measure last November that the retired judges might not be diverse enough to fairly draw political maps.