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jump the queue

To go ahead of someone or multiple people who have been waiting before one. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I wanted to shout at the man for jumping the queue, but I was too embarrassed about making a scene. There has been public outrage after it came to light that some people had been jumping the queue for surgery appointments because they had a friend or relative working at their hospital.
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queue up (for something)

to line up for something. (*Typically British.) We had to queue up for tickets to the play. You must queue up here to get in.
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jump the queue

1 push into a queue of people in order to be served or dealt with before your turn. 2 take unfair precedence over others.
The US version of this expression is jump in line .
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jump the ˈqueue

(British English) (American English jump the ˈline, cut in ˈline) go to the front of a line of people without waiting for your turn: I get very angry with people who jump the queue. ▶ ˈqueue-jumping (British English) (American English ˈline-jumping less frequent) noun: This practice encourages queue-jumping for medical services.
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queue up

1. To form an ordered sequence or line; line up: The patrons queued up outside the theater. The customers queued up at the ticket booth.
2. To order some set of things to deal with them in sequence; line up something: Queue up the children, and I'll serve them lunch. We'll queue the applicants up and interview them one at a time.
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Can Navy communicators rely on email queues alone to determine the status of a ship's connectivity to the DoDIN?
Like complaining about the weather, complaining about the length of a queue is a great British tradition.
With the app, a customer requests and receives a queue number from a merchant.
James Ricardo, of Duggins Lane, Tile Hill was number 57 in the queue and had been waiting in line since 8am.
London, August 23 (ANI): A European survey has revealed that it takes twice as long to reach the front of a queue as it did two years ago.
But because of the uncertainty that leads to queues containing many more people hoping to get some of the good than can do so, some who succeed in getting the good will value it less than some who fail.
His advice to the Government over the queues on the original Severn Bridge, built in 1966, led to the construction of its more modern counterpart 30 years later.
The queues here are appalling, they need to open up more kiosks and employ more staff, or the problem will get worse.
Tesco is testing infrared queue management technology in nine London Metro stores--and could use it to tell consumers how long they will have to wait before being served.
The survey of 1,000 adults calculated that Britons spend the equivalent of four days a year waiting in queues.
Queuing systems can be seen in action at airports large or small in every corner of the world, and understanding queues and queue psychology is becoming the best route to a profitable enterprise.
3) propose using stochastic differential equations to describe the behavior of flows and queues, with passage to more tractable systems of ordinary differential equations by taking expectations.
I'm not going to do Post Office queues on dole day, Millennium Stadium bar queues on match day or toilet queues at seedy nightclubs.
The concentrators place video in individual high-priority queues for transmission to each end-user, and downloaded Internet traffic in separate best-effort queues, ensuring that video gets the service quality it requires.
A global office products company has rolled out Lawrence's In-Queue Merchandising system, a highly adaptable modular system that provides customer guidance, the ability to display merchandising within queues and drive impulse purchasing at 1500 locations.